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Miami karate teacher is accused of molesting a 9-year-old girl

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Miami karate teacher is arrested (Photo: Departamento de policía Miami Date)
  • Miami karate teacher accused of molestation.
  • Darwin de Jesús Rojas Frías targeted a 9-year-old girl.
  • He will face justice for his crimes.

A good relationship with her mother was the weapon that a nine-year-old girl used to defend herself against an alleged sexual assault.

She was attending a one-on-one karate class at Showakai Karate-Do USA, in Kendall, Florida.

But something disturbing happened at the end of the class when her karate teacher allegedly asked the little girl to accompany him to another area and she followed him.

According to the arrest report, Darwin de Jesús Rojas Frías took the little girl to a location away from her mother’s supervision on September 29.

Miami karate teacher accused of molesting a little girl

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Photo: Miami Date Police Department

After luring her into a closet, the instructor allegedly forced the girl to touch his private parts.

He brought her back and behaved normally, but the girl had a strong, trusting relationship with her mother and told her what had happened.

The girl told her mother that Rojas Frías grabbed her hand, put it inside his pants and told her to squeeze his genitals.

Without thinking twice, the woman went straight to the Miami-Dade Police Department and they took on the case after interviewing the alleged victim.

Darwin de Jesús Rojas Frías was arrested

criminal, court, authorities, complaint, jail
Photo: Miami Date Police Department

The little girl’s story was immediately investigated.

Finally, police obtained an arrest warrant and on October 11 they apprehended the suspect.

Rojas Frías was arrested on charges of sexually molesting his student.

He was denied bail and police are looking for other victims.

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