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Did Mhoni Vidente’s prediction about Israel and Palestine come true?

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Mhoni prediction Israel Palestine, Mhoni Seer, predictions, war, MundoNOW / Mhoni predicción Israel Palestina, Mhoni Vidente, predicciones, guerra, MundoNOW
Mhoni's prediction about Israel and Palestine / PHOTO: AP / Getty Images
  • What was Mhoni’s prediction about Israel and Palestine?
  • Shocking violence has broken out in the region.
  • Does she have more predictions about the Middle East?

On Saturday, Hamas attacked Israel escalating an ongoing conflict and sparking a war.

The unusual violence of this historic confrontation has captured the world’s attention.

Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente predicted that this war would break out sooner or later.

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It didn’t take long Mhoni to repost a video that she had released some time ago.

In this video, she described visualizing the start of a third world war soon, with a missile or bomb strike.

This would unleash chaos for humanity.

«The Third World War could completely end an entire civilization,» Mhoni Vidente stated.

What does the Emperor card say?

Mhoni prediction Israel Palestine, confrontation, dead, injured, MundoNOW

Next, the Cuban psychic drew the Emperor card, along with the Devil card, which didn’t bring good news.

«We got the worst times, with the worst leaders of this time and the worst people focused on power matters.»

As if that weren’t enough, Mhoni commented that a «war without control, fear, and greed for power» would soon break out.

At that moment, she showed a video emphasizing that Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel. To see the video click HERE.

Mhoni Vidente says «Wars are won with prayer»

Instagram, social networks, prayer, message, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images

In one of her most recent posts, Mhoni Vidente asked her followers to pray for Israel.

«Let’s pray for Israel and peace in the world. Battles are won with prayer,» the Cuban psychic said.

Immediately, her followers honored this request and sent messages of peace and their wishes for this conflict to come to an end.

«And for Palestine, let’s not forget that they have suffered more and have been repressed by Israel. Let’s pray for peace, for all the families in Israel and Palestine.»

More countries will be involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict

Mhoni prediction Israel Palestine, video, prediction fulfilled, prophecy, MundoNOW

If there was any doubt Mhoni’s prediction about Israel and Palestine coming true, Mhoni Vidente shared one more video.

Alongside host Brenda Moreno, she said that she had already visualized a «holy war,» but there was something more.

«The era of the Muslims would begin after May 13, and the Power card is dominating this war between Israel and Palestine.»

According to the psychic, this card points to more countries joining in this war, including Russia, China, Egypt and Turkey.

Mhoni Vidente predicts that this war will not have a «good ending»

Russia, China, Egypt, Türkiye, MundoNOW

To conclude, Mhoni Vidente revealed that this new war between Israel and Palestine will not have a «good ending.»

«There is no good war in the world, but since we went through a very fragile economy after the virus, they have to reactivate it.»

In addition, the psychic shared that although the United States wants to put a stop to it, this war will continue for another 13 or 27 days.

«They are fighting over a holy region, which is why it’s a ‘holy war,'» she concluded.

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