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Mhoni Vidente’s predictions about natural disasters come true

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  • Psychic Mhoni Vidente warned of powerful natural disasters.
  • The southern US is on tornado alert.
  • What else will come true?

Parts of the southern and southeastern United States have been on tornado alert since last week and some people have even died. In the early hours of Saturday, March 25, 23 deaths were recorded in the state of Mississippi, a true tragedy.

This is reminiscent of one of Mhoni Vidente’s predictions, as she had warned that in the month of March we would be entering an era where many energies would be released and many natural disasters would occur on the planet.

Mhoni’s predictions

Mhoni's predictions
PHOTO: Twitter

Mhoni said recently that an alignment of planets is coming. She explained what this means for Earth and what consequences it could bring: “Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, the planet Earth and Venus. It is the strongest day of the whole year because positive energies are reinvented.”

Well, apparently all these changes that the universe will be going through, and more than anything on planet Earth, would bring a series of natural disasters that could begin on March 21. The psychic was somewhat concerned about what may be to come.

The disasters have already begun

the disasters have already begun
PHOTO: Twitter

“I have always said that March 21 is a new beginning to be better. Unfortunately, they take it a lot in matters of war,” said Mhoni Vidente. Internet users have been concerned about the psychic’s words on El Heraldo de México.

“There will be changes in all aspects, apart from seismic movements and volcanoes. It will be the trigger for many earthquakes in Mexico, Asia, etc., for all the energies,” Mhoni Vidente continued.

Tornado alerts

Mhoni Vidente natural disasters: Alert for tornado
PHOTO: Twitter

Several states in the southern part of the United States remain on high alert for torrential storms and tornadoes that could also affect Mississippi, which is trying to recover from the events that occurred on Friday, which caused at least 25 deaths. The National Weather Service reported Sunday that it had issued a tornado watch for southern and central Alabama, where a person was killed by another tornado on Friday.

Intense tornadoes, heavy hail, and scattered damaging wind gusts could occur in the area. A tornado watch has also been issued for eastern Louisiana and south-central Mississippi, where there could be multiple tornadoes and hail and wind.

Millions in danger

Mhoni Vidente natural disasters: Millions in danger
PHOTO: Twitter

According to EFE Some 30 million people live in the affected area. «Night tornadoes are dangerous as they are difficult to detect in the dark and many people are asleep or unaware of the weather at night,» they reported on social media.

The Mississippi Weather Service also warned that new tornadoes could occur in the next few hours, although in the southern part of the state, not in the counties most affected by the events that occurred Friday night, Carroll, Humphreys, Monroe and Sharkey.

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