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Mhoni Vidente announces that she is going blind

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Mhoni Vidente is going blind (Photo: YouTube)
  • Mhoni Vidente: Loss of vision.
  • Accurate predictions about celebrities.
  • Concern among followers.

Renowned astrologer and tarot reader Mhoni Vidente, known for her predictions, has caused concern by revealing during her forecasts for May that she is experiencing a progressive loss of vision.

She is known by her peculiar nickname, derived from the English word ‘money,’ and her claim to possess special abilities after being struck by lightning on May 13, 1989.

Now, Mhoni Vidente has surprised her followers by confessing on a special program in collaboration with ‘Unicable’ that she is going blind.

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Mhoni Vidente reveals that she is going blind

Clad in a yellow dress, symbolizing the beginning of the month of flowers and happiness, the clairvoyant started her program ‘Ask Mhoni’ with the striking statement: «I am going blind.»

«Did you know that all natural clairvoyants, at the end of their lives, go blind because of how much they see, because of everything that starts moving in terms of visions? Pray to the Virgin of Fatima,» she added.

Despite this revelation, Mhoni Vidente did not provide further details on the progression of her vision loss or whether she has started any treatment to counteract it.

This situation is not unique in the world of divination. History records cases like that of Tiresias, the blind seer of Greek mythology, and Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, known as Baba Vanga.

Her accurate predictions

Blind Mhoni Seer, predictions, celebrities, MundoNOW
Mhoni Vidente assures that she is going blind PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW archive

Despite the uncertainty surrounding her visual health, Mhoni Vidente has accumulated a series of precise predictions that have astonished her followers.

Among her most notable successes is her forecast about the health of Kate Middleton, according to the El Tiempo portal.

The Princess of Wales, who according to Mhoni was on the brink of death, a revelation that coincided with the announcement that the princess had been diagnosed with cancer shortly after.

Additionally, she is credited with predicting the death of Matthew Perry, renowned for his role as ‘Chandler’ in the series ‘Friends’.

The success of Peso Pluma

Mhoni Vidente, predictions, Featherweight, MundoNOW
Mhoni Vidente assures that she is going blind PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW archive PHOTO Meznivel

Likewise, she mentioned that the success of Peso Pluma is due to the fact that the deceased singer Ariel Camacho «is helping him a lot from another astral plane.»

«Do you remember Ariel Camacho, did he kill himself many years ago? He is helping Peso Pluma a lot from another astral plane so that he is the strong one in every way,” she said.

«It’s not normal, is it? There is a spirit that is helping him, everyone thought it was Valentín Elizalde, but it is this boy, Ariel Camacho,» she continued.

«That is why it is important that Peso Pluma has to take care of accidents or attacks,» said the pythoness.

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