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Mhoni Vidente shares her ritual of abundance for June

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  • Mhoni Vidente shares “valuable” information with her followers.
  • The Cuban psychic shows how to do a ritual to call forth abundance in June.
  • Her fans eagerly await her predictions for the sixth month of the year.

June is one of the most cabalistic months in all of 2022. Now, Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente shows how to make a ritual to call forth abundance in June. Just a few days ago, she predicted that it would be a matter of time before Monkeypox got to Mexico, and this is already a reality.

Through a video that is available on her official YouTube channel, the beloved psychic asked her fans whether they wanted to have a “pleasant” month of June full of happiness, true love, and above all, economic abundance. If that is what you wish, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Mhoni Vidente explains that this ritual must be performed on June 1

Mhoni Vidente clarifies that this ritual must be performed on June 1
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Before explaining the ritual, Mhoni Vidente stated that it has to be performed by the pillar of the family, be it a father or a mother, or even an older brother — unless you live alone, of course. For this ritual, a yellow candle is needed, as well as a plate lined with aluminum foil, tequila or mezcal.

Also, a glass cup and a larger one filled with water, incense, two green lemons, holy water, the perfume used by the person in charge of doing the ritual, cinnamon powder, edible cloves, wooden matches and three bills. For those living in the US, one, five, ten dollars or other denominations will work. It also applies to Mexican pesos.

You can choose when to perform the ritual

The time in which this ritual is done is at the choice of each person
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“On the first of June, at your chosen time, spray some perfume on the two lemons and rub them all over your body, from head to toe, while you say a Lord’s Prayer or a Hail Mary, asking for all negative energies to completely leave your life,” said Mhoni Vidente.

Next, the beloved psychic said that this ritual should be performed without any clothing on, although it can also be done in your underwear. When it’s finished, you have to leave the lemons in the glass cup filled with water and when they float it’s a sign that energies are very stable and abundance is coming. (Filed as: Mhoni Vidente shares abundance ritual for June)

Mhoni Vidente shows how money is used in this ritual

Mhoni Vidente shows how banknotes are used in this ritual
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After explaining that the lemons did not necessarily have to rise to the edge of the glass immediately, Mhoni Vidente showed how to use bills in this June abundance ritual: “We spray perfume on them and we’re going to rub them all over our bodies while we say: ‘Money come to me, abundance, prosperity, stop envy.’”

Afterwards, we pour holy water over the three bills and rub them over the entire body again. They must also be placed in the glass cup filled with water together with the two lemons, preferably, until the yellow candle is completely burned down: “We spray a lot of perfume or lotion on the candle, as well as cinnamon powder.” You also have to add cinnamon powder to the plate lined with aluminum foil.

What about the candle and the cloves?

What is the function of the candle and the edible cloves?
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About to finish the ritual, the beloved psychic revealed that the candle and the edible cloves are to destroy negative energies, as well as problems such as the evil eye and envy. Then, the empty glass cup is filled with tequila or mezcal, which carry positive energies, as they serve as a kind of offering.

“First the incense is lit, and with the same wooden match, the yellow candle is lit. A Lord’s Prayer or a Hail Mary is said and we invoke all the angels and archangels, as well as God and the Virgin Mary, so that they come to our house. We ask all beings of light and abundance to open the doors of progress to our house and our family,” said Mhoni Vidente.

Mhoni Vidente shares the last steps

Mhoni Vidente shares the last steps
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“If the candle starts to rumble, it means that it’s burning everything that is around us, all negative things, and it will stay lit until it’s done. It lasts two to three days. And when it is consumed, the glass of tequila or mezcal is thrown outside the house, either on the sidewalk or in the street. If you live in an apartment, in the sewer.”

To finish, Mhoni Vidente commented that both the lemons and the bills are taken out of the glass cup filled with water, the bills are left to dry and then used to buy food, thus the money will automatically multiply: “You wash the glass very well, then fill it again with water and put the lemons away until they turn yellow and throw them away. I promise you that with this prosperity will come,” she concluded. (TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE)

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