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Mhoni Vidente predicts chilling UFO sightings in Mexico

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Mhoni Vidente reveals UFO sightings (PHOTO: Youtube/Shutterstock)
  • Mhoni Vidente reveals the unexpected
  • What can be expected from this case?
  • Mhoni gives a dangerous warning to Mexicans

Mhoni Vidente has captivated an entire audience with her predictions, some of which have come to fruition and surprised everyone.

Now, she has addressed the UFO sightings reported by citizens of Mexico City on social media.

The Cuban psychic has made a prediction on her program regarding this phenomenon currently experienced by Mexicans.

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Luis Lauro, a renowned singer, has gained popularity on social media not for his music, but for extraordinary events.

On February 12, he took to his X account (formerly Twitter) to report a possible UFO sighting.

During a meeting with friends the day before, he became intrigued by an object in the sky. «I thought it was a drone, until I zoomed in and saw that it wasn’t…» he shared.

This story has generated quite a stir online, with numerous theories and debates about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

UFO sighting reported

UFO sightings, Cuban, Mexico City, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente talks about UFO sightings PHOTO: Shutterstock

During the meeting, one of those present described the object as «a metal sphere of about 3 meters» that rotated on its own axis, «about 100 meters from where we were.»

Its movement was «in a straight line, without making any sound, without visible windows, only with rotating orange lights.»

The images captured corroborate this description: in a matter of seconds, a sphere crosses the sky from one end of the shot to the other.

In another video, the young man is heard speculating that the object emerged from an oval cloud that had remained stationary at the same point for «hours,» despite the windy conditions.

Mhoni Vidente reveals

 social networks, program, phenomenon, cell phones, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente talks about UFO sightings PHOTO: YouTube

In her predictions program, Mhoni Vidente addressed the phenomenon reported by citizens and made some surprising remarks.

«Many people now have new cell phones with excellent video image quality, allowing them to capture various objects constantly moving in the sky,» she stated.

«Or they are witnessing different manifestations, often near Popocatépetl or the ruins of Teotihuacán, and many individuals are witnessing these occurrences,» she commented.

She also noted that it’s natural for people to feel fear of the unknown, which explains the astonishment when encountering such phenomena.

Makes surprising prediction

Teotihuacán ruins, Cuban, unknown, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente talks about UFO sightings PHOTO: YouTube

«I had told them that this year they are definitely going to visit us; they are already here. I think they never left; they just come and go,» said Mhoni Vidente.

«But I believe that this year we are going to have a very strong revelation with aliens,» she commented during her program with El Heraldo de México.

«We are going to have contact with beings from other realms, from other dimensions, from other planets, who will communicate with human beings,» she predicted.

The arrival of aliens on Earth has always been a topic of conversation, and contact with them has always been anticipated.

She’s excited about aliens

 revelation, aliens, prediction, dimension, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente talks about UFO sightings PHOTO: Getty Images

Mhoni assured that she is not afraid of «beings from another world» since they come to help the people of this planet.

«Moreover, we are going to have new and positive things so that change can begin,» said the Cuban.

«I hope they come to assist us and provide potions for those who are not married,» the psychic began to joke in the middle of the program.

We just have to wait if that prediction comes true. WATCH FULL VIDEO OF MHONI VIDENTE HERE.

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