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Mhoni Vidente predicts which countries will start World War III

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Mhoni Vidente, predicts, World War III, WW3, MundoNOW
Mhoni Vidente predicts World War III (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Mhoni Vidente predicts World War III.
  • Which countries will be involved?
  • Two wars are already raging.

Psychic Mhoni Vidente shared her predictions for November in the areas of politics, power and war.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there has been speculation about the start of World War III.

Furthermore, the persistent conflict between Israel and Palestine has generated global concern.

Mhoni Vidente predicts the problems in Asian countries could trigger a devastating war.

Nuclear attack

Mhoni Vidente, predictions, November, politics, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images

It is no surprise that some countries already have nuclear weapons to use to attack others or defend themselves.

«There is already talk of atomic bombs that can be very deadly, we are living in a very difficult era,» said Mhoni.

Even North Korea has threatened to start a nuclear war.

In 2009, North Korea declared they were developing and amassing nuclear weapons.

The start of World War III?

Mhoni Vidente countries war
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The psychic predicts a shocking event this November — she says China plans to invade Taiwan.

This could trigger a devastating World War III.

This disturbing revelation highlights global tensions. Furthermore, the psychic says that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will come to an end this month.

These predictions raise concern and require a careful analysis of the international dynamics at play.

The conflict in the Middle East

conflict, Israel, Palestine, concern, Asian countries, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Regarding the clashes between Israel and Gaza, Mhoni Vidente says that this war is about to end.

«Israel wins, the Palestinian people disappear,» she predicted.

«The only hope there was for the West Bank or the Palestinians of having a land or a country disappears,» she adds.

«They (Palestinians) are going to start emigrating and going to almost all the Arab countries,» she continued.

More of Mhoni’s November predictions

devastating war, nuclear attack, nuclear weapons, North Korea
PHOTO: Shutterstock

These predictions underscore the importance of being alert to international developments and seeking peaceful solutions to avoid global conflict.

It should be noted that Mhoni Vidente’s predictions do not have any scientific basis, she relies solely on her astrological knowledge.

However, over time she has gained credibility in many people’s eyes due to her accurate predictions.

The psychic pointed out that the conflict in the Middle East will have «a profound impact on global relations and world peace.»

Worse things are coming

 third world, China, Taiwan, global tensions, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

«This was already written. Since 2020, I said that we were going to have nine years of turbulence,» stated the Cuban psychic.

«The total cataclysm of humanity will be on May 13, 2031,» she anticipated in her predictions for El Heraldo de México.

She continued, «We are living all episodes of wars, pandemics and famine.»

Mhoni Videnten stated, “The Devil card is telling us that even more tragedies are coming in the Middle East.”

An era of war

Cuban, psychic, astrology, mundonow, Lebanon

«Why is the Judgment card in the Age of Scorpio? Because it is the era of war, the era of pride and it will go away,» she said.

«It is also the era of emperors, dictators and madmen in power,» said the psychic who is beloved by Hispanics.

«In the Age of Scorpio, we see even more attacks, the total blow for World War III,» she added.

«Atomic bombs are seen falling in different regions of the Middle East such as Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey,» she revealed. See more of Mhoni’s predictions HERE.

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