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Mhoni Vidente predicts that a ‘Ventaneando’ host will wind up in jail

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  • Mhoni Vidente predicts a Ventaneando host will wind up in jail.
  • The psychic says that one of them will go to prison.
  • Mhoni warns of witchcraft against Ventaneando.

The psychic, who is beloved by Hispanics, made her predictions for this month of April. She shared various revelations about celebrities around the world. Mhoni Vidente said that there are some personalities who are about to end up in jail.

Mhoni Vidente focused on the hosts of the TV Azteca entertainment show Ventaneando because both Pati Chapoy and Daniel Bisogno have requested an amparo in their favor after having legal problems.

Mhoni Vidente sees a Ventaneando host in jail

Mhoni Seer driver Windowing
Photo: Instagram

On El Heraldo de México’s YouTube channel the Cuban psychic shared with her thousands of followers everything that the future holds for celebrities in April and said that one of the hosts of Ventaneando would end up behind bars.

Since last April 17, Pati Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno, Pedro Sola and Ricardo Manjarrez have been involved in a tremendous controversy after it was revealed that the Ventaneando hosts took tried to suspend an arrest warrant brought by  Daniela Spanic’s ex.

There is an arrest warrant for several of the hosts

Mhoni Seer driver Windowing
Photo: YouTube

Despite the fact that Daniel Bisogno said that it was not a crime, Mhoni Vidente predicted that things will not go well for them. She says at least one will end up in jail.

«It seems that they commented on something Pati and Daniel and someone else from there in the production. It seems that the producer is involved in the Daniela Spanic matter and she did not like it… They bring an arrest warrant that they must have very good acquaintances who warned them before , which is why they were able to protect themselves,»said Mhoni Vidente.

Mhoni Vidente says the amparo only lasts a short time

Mhoni Seer driver Windowing
Photo: YouTube

“The amparo only lasts a certain time, they have to appear before the judge to see what solution is given. It seems that this man is asking for 20 or 30 billion pesos to repair the damage, plus a public apology, plus prison, the man is very angry,” warned the Cuban psychic.

After pointing out that Daniela Spanic’s ex felt mocked, Mhoni Vidente revealed that one of the hosts of Ventaneando could end up behind bars, “If I see someone from the program winding up in jail. Witchcraft is there since Sandra left,» she added.

«I see someone from the program winding up in jail»

"If I see someone from the program stepping in jail"
Photo: YouTube

She also said that the vibes in the program are not good at all, «There are many negative energies at Ventaneando because they have had a lot of controversy that have been in the eye of the hurricane, especially Pati Chapoy, she has been trending a lot, but negatively.»

“They have to understand that they must be more careful when discussing a situation, the law is for everyone, everyone can defend themselves, but if I see someone who is going to be arrested, maybe they can get out immediately or get bail but they have to take care of themselves,” Mhoni concluded.

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