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Terrifying! Mhoni Vidente predicts three days of darkness (VIDEO)

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  • Mhoni makes a terrifying prediction.
  • The astrologer predicted what is coming for humanity.
  • She talked about «the secret of the Virgin of Fatima.»

In the middle of May, the astrologer beloved by Hispanics, Mhoni Vidente, made a chilling prediction related to the Virgin of Fatima and the three days of darkness that are about afflict humanity in the midst of tragedies, climate-related chaos and violence unleashed worldwide.

Through the YouTube channel of El Heraldo de México the beloved psychic predicted what lies ahead in the coming days so that people understand that these are complicated times that, globally speaking, will generate changes and a lot of fear and uncertainty for what is coming.

Mhoni Vidente predicted three days of darkness

Mhoni Seer predicts
YouTube: The Mexico Herald

The Virgin of Fatima has numerous prophecies and revelations that fit perfectly with events that are happening in the world: «The third secret has not been completely revealed. One of the revelations talked about John Paul II being shot on May 13, 1981. I believe a lot in the Virgin of Fatima because lightning struck me on May 13, 1989. It hit me. It came out of my foot and that’s when I fainted,» Mhoni began.

Mhoni Vidente recounted an experience she had with the Virgin of Fatima and how she saved her: «I believe that the person dies and the spirit is born. Mhoni Vidente was born. I feel how the Virgin of Fatima saves me from hell.» She shared that a struck by lightning is what made her dedicate herself to what she does now.

Mhoni talks about the 3 days when the sky will be black

days of darkness

People have doubts about whether the Sun will really hide for three days and because of the above, Mhoni Vidente said: «The third secret speaks a lot about the three days of darkness. Also there is the revelation of the Apocalypse of the book of John. People are asking, ‘The sun Mhoni is really going to hide?’; ‘What is going to happen in those three days of darkness?’” she said.

Mhoni warned: «I visualize them this year. It will be a complete revelation that will make a part of the entire world dark. Let us remember that that is why they are eclipses but I see that the the Sun is going to stop shining or there is going to be such a dense atmosphere,” she said.

Something will happen in heaven this year, said Mhoni Vidente

Mhoni Seer apocalyptic prediction

Regarding the chilling revelation of the third secret of the Virgin of Fatima, the astrologer continued: “Something in the sky. A layer of clouds. Something so strong in the sky that it will completely darken the day and turn it into night for three days in a row. People are going to be scared asking God for mercy, asking the Virgin Mary for salvation…,” she predicted.

But she also had some words of hope: “It is when, after those three days of darkness, the Virgin of Fatima appears again to completely save humanity. That darkness that I see in the sky can be caused by something very strong, something that hides the sun in different regions of the Earth,” said Mhoni Vidente.

This year is the beginning of the Earth cycle

The astrologer says terrifying mention

Mhoni Vidente said that this stage that humanity is about to live represents the beginning of the Earth cycle: “The change or the cycle of the Earth begins, which is nine years, from 2022 to 2031 and this year all the revelations of Juan, of the Virgin of Fatima and all the secrets of Lucifer and Luzbel  will begin. But I see that this it is presented in Asia, Africa and part of Europe and that people are going to be asking for mercy.”

People commented: «May God protect us.» «Only God and Jesus are ONLY ones who save the humanity.» «The only one who never fails is God.» «God’s times are perfect. I trust in Jesus Christ who strengthens me, amen.» «The only thing that could darken the sun is the cloud of a great atomic explosion.» SEE THE VIDEO OF MHONI VIDENTE’S PREDICTIONS

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