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Mhoni Vidente predicts Shakira will have another child

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  • Mhoni Vidente predicts that Shakira will have another child.
  • What did Mhoni say about the Colombian singer?
  • She says Shakira will have a baby with another athlete.

A few weeks ago, rumors were swirling about a relationship between Shakira and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton. The Colombian singer attended the Spanish Grand Prix and some were convinced she was there to support the British driver.

Apparently Shakira has moved on from Piqué, because Mhoni Vidente says she is planning to become a mother for the third time. She also said the father will be another athlete. Would Hamilton be up for the role?

Shakira’s alleged relationship with Lewis Hamilton!

His alleged relationship with Hamilton!

Two months have already passed since Shakira and her children, Sasha and Milan, left Barcelona to start a new life in Miami. It seems that the change of scenery has been good for her and she could be entering one of the best stages of her life.

The Colombian singer continues to enjoy success after success and all of her recent songs have been hits. Now, fans are waiting impatiently for June 29, when her new song with Manuel Turizo, Copa Vacía, will be released.

Mhoni Vidente predicts Shakira will have another child

Piqué would take away his children
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Mhoni Vidente, who is famous her accurate predictions, stated a few days ago that Shakira would have problems with Gerard Piqué’s parents for «taking away the children». However, nothing was known about that when they returned to Spain.

Not only that, the psychic has said that Shakira will have a third child: «Shakira is going to be a mother. The father is an athlete or someone who has been hanging out with her.» She added that Shakira wants a girl.

Will Lewis Hamilton be the father?

Mhoni Vidente pregnancy Shakira: Would Hamilton become a father?
PHOTO: Getty Images

In recent weeks, there have been rumors linking Lewis Hamilton and Shakira. Both have been seen together on several occasions and some outlets have reported that they are getting to know each other and have started a romantic relationship.

The two were spotted together at the Spanish Grand Prix, where its thought the Colombian singer was there at Hamilton’s invitation.

What will Piqué say?

Mhoni Vidente pregnancy Shakira: What will Piqué say?
PHOTO: Getty Images

Mhoni did not name the man who could be the father of Shakira’s third child but many assume she’s referring to Lewis Hamilton, since he’s an athlete that the singer has been recently linked to.

It is important to note that Shakira currently has two sons, Sasha and Milan, with her exGerard Pique, from whom she split last year.

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