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Mhoni Vidente predicts another child for Shakira… and with an athlete!

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  • Mhoni Vidente has a surprising prediction for Shakira!
  • She says the Colombian singer could have a another child.
  • The TQG singer was caught with the Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.

COULD SHAKIRA HAVE A THIRD BABY? Mhoni surprised internet users with a prediction regarding Shakira. The famous Cuban psychic declared that the Colombian singer could be expecting a baby by the end of the year and added that it could be with an athlete.

Mhoni Vidente’s prediction surprised Shakira’s fans since the Colombian singer was recently seen with Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton. She was also linked to actor Tom Cruise during her time at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami.


Photo: YouTube

Mhoni surprised Shakira’s fans and spoke of a possible relationship with Tom Cruise but said there’s no future for the couple. Mhoni Vidente declared that the singer has a future with an athlete and could have another baby.

«One who is going to be a mother this year is Shakira,» Mhoni Vidente stated during a card reading, making a surprising prediction about the future of the Barranquillera, according to TV y Novelas. After reading cards, she revealed that the singer might be looking to have a third child and that, this time, it will be a girl.

Who could be the father of Shakira’s baby?

Who could I have a baby with?
Photo: YouTube

According to Mhoni, Shakira could have a baby with an athlete. This is because the singer has been linked to Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

“[The father] Is an athlete or someone who has been hanging out with her,» declared Mhoni in a recent video, according to TV y Novelas. She says Shakira could be expecting a new baby with a new partner at the end of the year.

Could it be that Tom Cruise has no chance with Shakira?

Mhoni Vidente pregnant Shakira: Could it be that Tom Cruise has no chance with Shakira?
Photo: YouTube

In a recent video, the psychic talked more about Shakira and confirmed that she sees her starting a relationship with someone involved in sports and not with an actor — referring to Tom Cruise. Mhoni sees her with NFL star Tom Brady but she also does not rule out a possible relationship with Lewis Hamilton.

“Shakira is not tied to Tom Cruise, I think not. She is going to meet someone from there, an athlete, someone she likes, but not so much with someone with acting skills. Someone who likes Formula 1, better than soccer. It seems to me that Tom Brady is closer to Shakira or Lewis Hamilton, with people like that,”explained Mhoni Vidente.

«She had a catharsis»

Mhoni Seer pregnant Shakira: "had a catharsis"
Photo: YouTube

According to Mhoni, Shakira is still looking for an athlete, her next partner will be someone very famous and she has already forgotten Gerard Piqué.

“But Shakira is reinventing herself, she is looking to tour soon and she left many things behind. It was a catharsis, I already see her very safe. And I do think that she is going to hang out with a soccer player, but with someone related to sports, but he is mega famous, ”revealed the Cuban psychic.

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