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Mhoni Vidente warns that Popocatépetl activity will intensify after eclipses

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Mhoni Vidente warns about Popocatépetl (Photo: Getty Images/Shutterstok),
  • Mhoni Vidente and Popocatépetl: Issues Warning About its Activity
  • Mexico Faces Yet Another Threat
  • Raises Concerns for Other Countries

Mexico has been going through some difficult times due to the passage of Hurricane Otis, leaving great devastation in the city of Acapulco.

The Mexican authorities announced last Thursday, October 26, the first number of human victims due to the destruction of Hurricane Otis.

The Secretary of Federal Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, said that there are 27 confirmed deaths and four disappearances.

However, it seems that it will not be the only disaster that Mexico faces. Mhoni Vidente made a dangerous prediction.

Mhoni Vidente and Popocatépetl warning

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PHOTO: Getty Images

A few months ago, Mhoni Vidente issued a warning about significant global changes in natural phenomena.

She predicted a heightened occurrence of natural disasters worldwide, attributing it to the release of energies.

Mhoni Vidente has a history of making predictions about such situations that could pose risks to humanity.

On this particular occasion, her warning extended to the possibilities of earthquakes and hurricanes.

Danger for Mexico

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

Earlier in the year, there were concerns about a possible eruption of Popocatépetl.

Despite this, the alert level never advanced beyond phase three (yellow).

Now, Mhoni Vidente anticipates an imminent eruption of this iconic volcano, raising a warning for all Mexican residents.

She suggests that the current energies may trigger natural forces, resulting in prolonged heightened activity at Popocatépetl and an increased risk of hurricanes impacting the Mexican Pacific coastline.

Eclipses released more energy

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PHOTO: Shutterstock

On October 14, an annular solar eclipse could be seen in several parts of Mexico.

Mhoni has said that this phenomenon will have good and bad consequences for the Aztec country.

«Remember that I told you that the solar eclipse would bring positive changes for countries like Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the United States,» she said.

However, this same solar eclipse would have caused alarms to be activated in various parts of the world.

More disasters will come

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PHOTO: The Associated Press

«This eclipse has fully triggered the volcanic and global energies,» Mhoni Vidente remarked.

«Regrettably, it has also stirred up a significant amount of negative energies, which may account for the ongoing events in places like Gaza and Israel,» she noted.

«It’s inciting heightened levels of anger and resolve within the human psyche,» the Cuban added in her predictions segment.

As of now, it’s evident that the Middle Eastern nations are witnessing widespread devastation in the fight against terrorism.

What happens to Popocatépetl?

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Mhoni Vidente warns Popocatépetl. PHOTO: Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

Mhoni cautioned that residents living near the Popocatépetl volcano should exercise great caution in the coming days.

«El Popo has indicated, ‘Everyone witnessed the eclipse, now I want your attention,’ and it has emitted a substantial plume of smoke,» the clairvoyant explained.

She further issued a warning: «It remains active, fully active, and while there’s no imminent eruption in sight, vigilance is essential,» she emphasized.

Mhoni also stressed the importance of taking precautions, as the exact timing of any potential eruption remains uncertain.

Alert for more countries

Italy, volcanoes, tremors, Mexico City, mundonow alert, volcano, mexico, danger
Mhoni Vidente warns Popocatépetl. PHOTO: Getty Images – MundoNOW Archive

The Cuban clairvoyant stated that countries like Guatemala and Italy would also face volcanic disasters in the coming months.

«These are the places that I foresee will witness activity, and when the volcanoes become active, it’s an indication of the release of negative energies,» she explained.

«That’s why there have been recent tremors here in Mexico City,» the Cuban fortune teller cautioned.


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