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Mhoni Vidente reveals the truth about the death of Matthew Perry

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Mhoni Vidente reveals truth of Matthew Perry's death (Photos: Shutterstock/MundoNOW Archive)
  • Mhoni Vidente talks about Matthew Perry
  • Was the actor the victim of a curse?
  • The Cuban says the unexpected

On October 28, the show business world was shaken by the news of the death of Matthew Perry.

The news was announced by the TMZ portal and it speculated that he had died from drowning.

Many doubts arose after this news was announced, more than anything Friends fans wanted to know more.

Mhoni Vidente has said the unexpected about the death of the American actor that has left many people shocked.

Matthew had already said goodbye

Matthew Perry, news, death, mundonow, tragedy
PHOTO: The Associated Press

At the end of 2022, Matthew Perry had released his autobiographical book in which he told of the addiction problems he had.

He also revealed that he came close to death four years ago when his colon burst from excessive opioid use.

The unforgettable Chandler from Friends could have died years ago due to the condition he suffered.

Mhoni Vidente confessed that she had had the opportunity to read his entire book and said that: «He was already saying goodbye.»

Committed suicide?

foundation, addictions, donations, artist, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

While his on-screen character was affable and optimistic, Matthew suffered greatly behind the scenes.

At times during his book presentation, he seemed unwell, slurring his words and looking a little out of it.

Mhoni commented that she believed that the actor had committed suicide even though the official versions say otherwise.

«I do believe that he took his life, many people say no,» were the words of the Cuban fortune teller.

he had difficult times

drowning, Friends, Mhoni Vidente, actor, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente Matthew Perry. PHOTO: Shutterstock

Perry spent weeks in a coma and five months in the hospital, having to live attached to a colostomy bag for nine months due to the problem with his colon.

The psychic was aware of everything Perry had to go through during his last years alive.

«He have some very cruel moments in his life,» Mhoni commented on her predictions.

«Your mind sabotages you. Matthew didn’t have a wife, he didn’t have children, I do believe he took his life last weekend,» he said.

Mhoni’s prediction came true

Predictions, Cuban, mundonow, addictions, suicide
PHOTO: Getty Images – Mundonow Archive

The news of Matthew Perry’s death left his millions of followers around the world heartbroken.

In the last few hours, a video generated a stir among Internet users and went viral on social networks.

Apparently, Perry’s death would have been predicted months ago by Mhoni Vidente herself.

«I see the death, the suicide of one of the young international characters, he takes his life in the bathtub or in the bathroom of the apartment or a hotel,” she said.

Mhoni Vidente is surprised

 colostomy, prediction, viral video, youtube, mundonow
PHOTO: Getty Images – Mundonow Archive

The psychic recognized that she had anticipated the death of a famous person exactly as Perry’s occurred.

«Apart from being Mhoni, I see the predictions of Mhoni Vidente who is a spiritual character, I am very surprised by the clarity she says it,» she said herself.

FRIENDS fans made a video go viral where Perry’s character says he would be the first to die of his friends.

And so things happened, Perry was the first of the main cast of the series to die.

Was it because of a curse?

Matt LeBlanc, depression, anguish, hbo series, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente Matthew Perry. PHOTO: Shutterstock

In her predictions , Mhoni mentioned that Matthew could be victim of a curse.

Apparently the tragedies will continue for the cast of the successful Friends series.

According to the Cuban woman, actor Matt LeBlanc should take care of himself since he would be in danger.

«He is also going through a stage of depression and anguish,» said Mhoni Vidente. SEE MORE ABOUT MHONI’S PREDICTION HERE.

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