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Mhoni Vidente predicts terrible earthquakes this year

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  • Mhoni Vidente makes a frightening prediction.
  • She says that 2023 is the year of the earthquake.
  • Mhoni tells us when and where the quakes will happen.

Iconic psychic Mhoni Vidente has shared a terrible prediction that made her followers’ blood run cold. She tells us when and where we can expect earthquakes this year.

«This is the year of the earthquake,» the psychic said in a YouTube video where she pointed out that, once again, the stars are aligning to cause earthquakes around the world.

Mhoni Vidente predicts terrible earthquakes

Mhoni Vidente: Prediction says that the planets will align and cause strong earthquakes
PHOTO: YouTube

In a video shared by El Heraldo de México on YouTube, Mhoni Vidente lets us know several predictions for the world in 2023.

«Remember that there is going to be an alignment of the planets from March 18 to 21, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Earth will align, at the moment of such a strong alignment between so many planets in a cabalistic day as it is on the 21st. March, which is also a New Moon, and at the moment of aligning, it will shake us,» said Mhoni.

Mhoni Vidente says where the earthquakes will happen

Mhoni Vidente: Prediction says where the earthquakes will happen
PHOTO: YouTube

Mhoni Vidente spoke about the peculiar way in which the planets were aligned and said that, thanks to this, several earthquakes could occur throughout the world. She also said where they could occur.

“Ultimately, the world is going to tremble, because there are very strong energies that are moving the earth in all directions, volcanoes will continue to be present everywhere, but a very strong earthquake is coming in Asia, Japan, Indonesia, China, almost 8.2 or 8.4 degrees of magnitude,” she said.

«This is the year of the earthquake»

"This is the year of the earthquake"says Mhoni Vidente
PHOTO: YouTube

The psychic continued, making it clear that several dangerous earthquakes will hit Asia. But what about Mexico or Latin America?

«In Chile, 7.1, in Mexico, 6.9, it will be shaking everywhere but without consequences as strong as in Turkey or Syria where unfortunately there were more than 60,000 deaths. This is the year of the earthquake, friends, it is the year of the earthquake and volcanoes,” said Mhoni.

Mhoni reveals the cabalistic months for Mexico

Mhoni reveals the months "cabalistic" for Mexico
PHOTO: YouTube

Mhoni revealed the cabalistic months for Mexico. These are the most enigmatic or mysterious months of the year and possible dates when earthquakes could occur.

«But the cabalistic months for Mexico, what are they? Well, February, May, September and December but, as you wish, we will continue to tremble in the other months, but not as seriously or as powerfully as on those dates,»

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