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Mhoni Vidente predicts very bad news for Shakira after her new song about Piqué

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  • Mhoni Vidente shares her predictions for Aquarius.
  • The Cuban psychic has bad news for Shakira.
  • Also, she reveals what’s in store for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hold on! Among the predictions that she shared with her followers regarding Aquarius, which began on Saturday, January 21 and will come to an end on Monday, February 20, Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente doesn’t have the best news for Colombian singer Shakira after the song she dedicated to her ex, and father of her children, Gerard Piqué.

A little over a week after the release of BZRP Music Sessions #53, on the official YouTube channel of the Argentine producer Bizarrap, the video that practically went around the world has more than 185 million views, so one would think that everything looks rosy for the Antología singer, but Mhoni sees something else.

What will happen to Shakira in the next few days? Mhoni Vidente responds…

What will happen to Shakira in the next few days? Mhoni Seer answers...
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After sharing several revelations that will occur during Aquarius, Mhoni Vidente pointed out that Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s birthdays are approaching. By coincidence, they were both born on February 2, she in 1977 and he in 1987, so they have similar personality traits.

Next, the psychic, beloved by Hispanics, shared that the Colombian singer already has a new partner who lives in Miami, Florida, where she is going to live with her children. Meanwhile Piqué is in trouble with his current partner, Clara Chía, who is pressuring him to get married soon and have children. There’s still more…

Piqué prepared a surprise for Shakira

Piqué would have prepared a surprise for Shakira
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“Piqué is negotiating to make a documentary or a book about what he experienced with Shakira and thus earn the amount (of money) that he wants, continuing with a position of total wealth, talking about how he is better now, but a tragedy is coming for him. Shakira’s family,” revealed the Cuban psychic.

“Shakira’s father, mother and family will suffer a death, which will totally shock the Colombian and she will understand that it is better to leave things alone and go back to Miami,” said the beloved psychic, who insisted that the singer is dating someone who is younger than her: “The story between Shakira and Piqué is not over yet, we will still hear more from them in the coming months,” she commented.

Mhoni Vidente on Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal life

Mhoni Vidente says what will happen in the personal life of the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo
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After talking about Shakira, Mhoni Vidente took out the Star card, which tells her that Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, who will be 38 years old on February 5, has reinvented himself after he signed with the Saudi Professional League team Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia. But that’s not all…

“He will separate from his partner Gina Rodríguez, whom he met in one of the most prestigious clothing stores in the world, to ‘be’ with a singer or he will fall in love again. He wants to continue having more children with other partners or with a surrogacy. He will have a total of seven children. His problem comes from the death of one of them, one of his twins, and that “affected” him a lot,” said the psychic.

Mhoni Vidente sees the passage of a comet

Mhoni Vidente visualizes the passage of a comet
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To finish with her predictions for Aquarius, in a video available on her official Youtube channel, Cuban psychic  Mhoni Vidente said that what had not been seen in 50,000 years will happen on February 1: “The energies of the entire world are going to move,” she said, taking into account the World card.

“You have to be prepared for a radical change, a change of consciousness and mentality, due to the signal in the sky of the comet that passed 50,000 years ago when the dinosaurs were there and will pass again on February 1. Humanity in the 21st century will witness this comet and its wake will bring changes in thought and in the new era, as well as in the new world order,” she concluded. (CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO HERE)

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