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Does Kate Middleton not have much time left? Mhoni Vidente predicts bad news about the princess (VIDEO)

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Mhoni Vidente predicts bad news for Kate Middleton (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Mhoni Vidente Discusses Kate Middleton’s Health.
  • Will Cancer End the Life of the Princess?
  • The Cuban Psychic Shares Grim News About the Health of Prince William’s Wife.

Although Kate Middleton recently revealed that she continues her fight against cancer and appeared very smiling at an event, Mhoni Vidente does not predict anything good.

Last week, in a statement, Kate Middleton thanked people for their support after confirming that she has cancer, but so far, the type of cancer has not been disclosed.

She indicated that she was undergoing treatment and was accompanied by her family, but did not give a precise prognosis on how much longer she would be in chemotherapy.

Now, Mhoni Vidente revealed her prediction for the princess, and the news from her ‘vision’ was not encouraging.

Mhoni Vidente Reveals Unknown Details About Kate Middleton’s Health

Mhoni Vidente, Kate Middleton, shows, celebrities, cancer
Mhoni Vidente -YouTube: El Heraldo de México

In her segment for ‘El Heraldo de México,’ the Cuban psychic said, «She remains very delicate, it is rumored that the children are taking therapy in case the princess passes away so they will be strong.»

«They say it is stomach and intestinal cancer, very severe, that she has not been able to control it, that she has undergone chemotherapy, lost her hair,» she added.

And she continued, «It is visualized that she was hospitalized again, her health is a bit more delicate, and they are looking for doctors who are Cuban or Russian who can help her with the treatment.»

«They are trying to extend the life of the princess as much as possible despite the cancer,» Mhoni Vidente affirmed.

Does She Predict Anything Good for the Princess?

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YouTube: El Heraldo de México

Mhoni Vidente was emphatic in stating that nothing positive is foreseen for Kate Middleton: «She remains delicate and no feasible solution is seen at this moment.»

She claimed that everything happening with Princess Kate, as well as King Charles III’s cancer, is due to a curse on the royalty.

However, the princess recently appeared at an event dressed in white, very smiling, and enjoying her family.

To date, the type of cancer afflicting Prince William’s wife remains undisclosed. HERE IS THE VIDEO OF WHAT MHONI VIDENTE SAID.

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