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Mhoni Vidente predicts global attacks and bombings

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bombings, October Predictions, Third World War, Mhoni Vidente Predictions
Mhoni Vidente predicts global attacks (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Mhoni Vidente predicts global attacks.
  • She says there will be bombings.
  • Is it the start of World War III?

Mhoni Vidente has caused alarm with one of her predictions this month.

This is not be the first time that the Cuban psychic has made dire pronouncements.

On this occasion Mhoni revealed what is to come during the Age of Scorpio, in addition to what she sees regarding a third world war.

The psychic said tragedies will continue in various parts of the world, unleashing chaos.

New predictions from Mhoni Vidente

Mhoni Vidente, Prediction, Tragedy, Anguish, Fear
Photo: Getty Images

In the midst of Israel-Hamas war,  Mhoni predicts another attack.

These revelations were made by Mhoni Vidente through her official YouTube channel.

After saying what awaits the different zodiac signs this month, she predicted what is to come.

She once again frightens her followers with her visions of the future.

Tragedies are coming

Attacks, War, Disputes, USA, Israel
Photo: Shutterstock

«Why is the Judgment card on the Age of Scorpio? Because it is the era of war, the era of arrogance and rage,» she said.

«It is also the era of emperors, dictators and madmen in power,» said the psychic, who is beloved by Hispanics.

«In the Age of Scorpio, even more attacks are seen, the total blow for World War III,» she added.

«Atomic bombs are seen falling in different regions of the Middle East such as Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey,» she revealed.

There will be attacks in the US

Bombing, Impact, Revelations, Hispanics, Tarot
Photo: Getty Images

In addition to that, the Cuban psychic said there will be attacks in the US.

«Maximum alert in the Age of Scorpio for the countries of the US, Germany, France and especially Spain,» stated Mhoni.

«The attacks, the deaths and the bombs are going to be exploding in shopping centers, in cinemas and especially in synagogues,» she added.

«It is seen that the holy war is going to break out more and without control,» she continued with her predictions.

The Judgment card, the Emperor card and important events

Events, Deaths, Blows, States, Danger
Photo: Shutterstock

«The Judgment card and the the Emperor card are telling me that very important things are coming this month,» she said.

«The worst thing is the dropping of a chemical bomb in one of the neutral countries like China, India and especially Italy,» she revealed.

She said that this would trigger a third world war and that it will be the same countries that will be attacking each other.

«Remember that to have peace you have to cause chaos, war, uncertainty, pandemics and famine,» she stated.

The third Antichrist and global challenges

Antichrist, Peace, Chaos, Mhoni Vidente predicts attacks, Explosion
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«What has never been seen is visualized, the exit and entry of new countries in matters of war,» stressed Mhoni Vidente.

But that was not the only thing that the psychic revealed — she also said that a third Antichrist will be recognized.

«Many people are going to begin to visualize it, it is going to be dominating entire countries and entire towns in an uncontrolled war,» she explained.

«We must prepare, difficult times are coming, of chaos, uncertainty and fear,» said Mhoni Vidente.

A call for faith and hope

Hope, Faith, Cards, Horoscopes, Seer
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She stated that it will be the devil himself will come to earth in human form to represent the third Antichrist.

Furthermore, she urged all her followers to turn to Divine faith to deal with the coming situation.

«You have to know that in this era is when humans have to turn to the sky,» Mhoni said.

«You have to turn to the sight of God, the Virgin Mary and the archangels, you have to have more faith, clemency and bring peace,» she concluded.

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