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Mhoni Vidente predicts that there will be a 6.1 earthquake in September

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  • Mhoni Vidente says there will be a powerful earthquake in September.
  • Mexicans joke that this is earthquake month.
  • What did the psychic say?

For Mexico, September is a time full of parties since it is the national month because its Independence is celebrated. During this month there have been devastating earthquakes in Mexico that left a mark on all residents. Mhoni Vidente tells Mexicans to be careful this month.

The psychic has responded to questions about what will happen in regards to telluric movements in the 30 days that make up September. The residents of Mexico are prepared in case an earthquake occurs at any time and they are always ready to find a safe place.

Mhoni says the earth will shake

The seer assures that she will tremble
PHOTO: Instagram

On the El Heraldo de México podcast, Mhoni Vidente emphasized that a strong quake will definitely be recorded in September. The psychic stated the possible magnitude but also said that these phenomena should not be seen as something bad.

She explained why earthquakes can produce benefits for the Earth and for that reason they should not be regarded as a bad thing. She added that she had said it because many people had been asking her on her social media about whether an earthquake would occur.

Mhoni predicts strong earthquake!

Mhoni predicts strong tremor!
PHOTO: Instagram

«Everyone is asking me if it will tremble again,» said the psychic on the El Heraldo podcast. “Yes,” she replied without further ado. “In the tarot cards the Hermit card doesn’t appear, which is card number 9 and this card is telling me that it is going to quake again in the month of September.”

Although some have accused Mhoni of being a charlatan, the psychic has many faithful followers who respect her and defend her from those who attack her. They say that many of her predictions have come true and that is why say she should be believed. FILED FROM: Mhoni Seer Predicts Earthquake

Are quakes good for the planet?

Mhoni Seer predicts earthquake: Are tremors good for the planet?
PHOTO: Instagram

“It will be 6.1 to 6.6, nothing serious, nothing more than a scare,” said the psychic on the El Heraldo de México podcast, where she commonly shares her predictions. It is not unusual to see strong earthquakes in Mexico in September. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“Let’s remember that it’s one of the energies that the center of the Earth has to release so that the world continues to live, ok? They are energies that are completely stagnant and that have to start moving to release that energy,” said the psychic. FILED FROM: Mhoni Seer Predicts Earthquake

Mexicans prepare for the quake

Mhoni Vidente predicts earthquake: Mexicans 'ready' for the tremor
PHOTO: Instagram

«We all know that it quakes in Mexico,» was one of the comments left for Mhoni Vidente. «With the tarot card that came out, I recommend that everyone sleeps with shoes.» “Go prepare the bolillos,” a comment referring to the fact that this type of bread helps with frights.

“Which day? To be aware because in the building where I live, 80% are elderly people.” Some people ask her to be more specific. Although this would be difficult to predict. As already mentioned, Mexicans joke that September is the month of earthquakes because of the 1983 and 2017 earthquakes, which both occurred on September 17. FILED FROM: Mhoni Seer Predicts Earthquake

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