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Mhoni Vidente has alarming predictions for March (VIDEO)

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  • Mhoni Vidente has powerful predictions for the month of March.
  • What does the psychic have to say?

Mhoni Vidente makes alarming predictions. For many people, Lent is an important time for reflection. In these days that go from Ash Wednesday to the eve of Resurrection Sunday, many things arise in the spiritual world.

This is what astrologer Mhoni Vidente has said. However, in her latest predictions, Mhoni, who is often correct in her visions, has revealed some alarming things involving demons that could happen this month.

Mhoni Vidente warns about climate change

YouTube / Official Channel Mhonividente

On her official YouTube channel, Mhoni Vidente warned that the days of Lent, in the middle of March, will be quite significant and will mark a powerful change in the world. Some unusual phenomena could occur.

“March is going to be the month of climate change, tremendously hot temperatures without the arrival of summer. There will be movements of volcanoes throughout the world, including Latin America and Mexico,” the famous astrologer began.

We could see completely surprising events

Mhoni Vidente makes alarming predictions
PHOTO: Shutterstock

On the other hand, Mhoni predicts that this will be the month for many natural phenomena so we should be prepared for disasters. “Also movements in issues of earthquakes in Africa, Asia and especially in Latin America, including Mexico,” she said.

“This alignment of planets, together with the Cabalistic days from March 18 to 21, is giving the sign that God and the archangels will be present in heaven as on earth, to help human beings and guide them to the best.”

Mhoni warns about negative presences in the world

Mhoni Vidente makes alarming predictions
YouTube / Official Channel Mhonividente

However, Mhoni does not rule out that there are certain negative and positive presences in the world. “We have to take care of ourselves in this month of March. We have to raise our prayers to lower the negative that all these complexes and warnings from Lucifer can cause us.”

“Satan is winning the war together with his demons, every time I see him strong and in more presence throughout the world and everywhere.” Mhoni Vidente revealed how these demons are present.

Mhoni Vidente warns of evil during the last days of Lent

PHOTO: Shutterstock

Mhoni said that demonic entities are present in the compartments of society and the lack of faith that currently exists. This is a warning to people to have more faith and more positivity in matters of daily life.

How do they look? “Because humans are full of hate, lack faith, lack love, hope and above all, are unable to unite as a society, Luzbel is winning the game in the middle of Lent,” she concluded.

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