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Mhoni Vidente gives surprising predictions for artists this 2024

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Mhoni Vidente celebrities predictions (Photo: MundoNOW/Mezcalent/Getty Images)
  • Mhoni Vidente announced predictions for celebrities
  • Is Shakira about to return to love?
  • She assured that Hispanics will be reigning this year

Mhoni Vidente, the renowned Cuban psychic, has surprised many with her predictions for celebrities in the new year, asserting that many will reach the pinnacle of success.

She declared that several Hispanic celebrities will find success in various sectors of the entertainment world, and some will even discover love.

Utilizing the stars and tarot cards, the famed psychic offered insights into what the future holds for celebrities like Shakira, Piqué, Karol G, Anuel, Luis Miguel, and even Checo Pérez.

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As the new year approaches, the renowned Cuban psychic, Mhoni Vidente, has left many astonished with her latest predictions.

This time, she has focused on forecasting Shakira’s future. Utilizing her tarot cards, Mhoni confidently predicts a prosperous year ahead for the singer.

‘Discussing Shakira, who was born on February 2 and is an Aquarian, the card of “The Sun” and the card of “The Lovers” indicate that it’s going to be a fantastic year for her,’ Mhoni stated.

The psychic continued, ‘Shakira is set to release an entirely new album and embark on a world tour, which will be the most successful of any artist worldwide,’ according to Mhoni’s predictions.

Mhoni Vidente revealed the predictions for the artists

Shakira, Gerard Piqué, Karol G, Anuel, Luis Miguel, Checo Pérez
Photo: Getty Images

The cards suggest that Shakira will fall in love. She’s drawn to younger, more athletic men,’ the Cuban psychic pointed out.

Mhoni also highlighted that the new man in Shakira’s life will be very tall and wealthy, matching her own status, and there will be talks of commitment and marriage.

Furthermore, Mhoni added, ‘Shakira desires a daughter, and she will achieve this in 2024.

However, she will also experience a significant loss of someone close to her, which will be a major event,’ she stated.

What will happen with Piqué?

Love in the horoscope, Astrological charts, Destiny and future, Personal life of celebrities, Clairvoyance
Photo: Getty Images

‘For Piqué, who is also born on February 2, an Aquarian and turns 37, the “Fool” card indicates he will be reinventing himself,’ she explained.

Mhoni predicts that Piqué will confront two significant lawsuits that could nearly bankrupt him, leading him to consider returning to soccer as a player, coach, or taking on a leadership role in a major match in Spain.

Furthermore, Mhoni foresees changes in Piqué’s personal life. ‘Clara Chía will move on, and there will be talks of their separation.

Piqué is entering a very serious phase involving alcohol, drugs, or sexuality issues,’ she revealed.

What’s next for Karol G?

Esotericism, Mysticism, Latin celebrities, Legends of Latin music
Photo: Mezcalent

‘Turning our attention to Karol G, who was born on Valentine’s Day, the “Lovers” card foretells incredible luck for her,’ the psychic emphasized.

Mhoni foresees a period of resounding success for Karol G, including filling stadiums and being more in love than ever with her boyfriend. She even suggests the possibility of marriage or engagement for the couple.

Mhoni also mentioned that Karol G is concerned about pregnancy, specifically the possibility of having twins with her current partner.

‘Let’s remember that she had many issues with Anuel AA, which led to her experiencing depression,’ she added, providing context to her predictions.”

What will lie ahead for Luis Miguel?

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Photo: Mezcalent

The Mexican music legend Luis Miguel is also a focus of Mhoni Vidente’s visions, with predictions of a year brimming with success.

The psychic foresees Luis Miguel further cementing his status as a living legend in Latin music, earning widespread acclaim and honors throughout the year.

‘Luis Miguel, who turns 54, will make a huge comeback and completely reinvent himself. He is set to continue touring this year and plans to get married,’ Mhoni revealed.

She added, ‘He hopes to do so with Paloma Cuevas. Additionally, Luis Miguel will be making efforts to reconnect with his children whom he had with Araceli Arámbula,’ she affirmed.”

Will Mexico be high?

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Photo: Shutterstock

Checo Pérez, the acclaimed Mexican Formula 1 driver, has also piqued the interest of Mhoni Vidente. TO WATCH VIDEO OF PREDICTIONS, CLICK HERE.

The psychic foresees a year filled with significant achievements for Checo on the race tracks. However, she predicts that he will face several challenges in his marriage to Carola Martínez, with whom he shares four children.

‘Checo continues to draw the “Star” card. This year is definitely going to be one of the best for him; he will finish in either first or second place.

In Mexico, he will achieve first place. Despite these successes, I foresee problems in his marriage. Love issues often arise because success doesn’t always bring only good things,’ she concluded.

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