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Mhoni Vidente predicted the terrible fire in Maui

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Mhoni Vidente predicted Maui fire (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Mhoni Vidente shares a revelation.
  • The death toll in Maui increases.
  • The psychic predicted the terrible fire.

It has been a week marked by desolation and mourning in the wake of the catastrophic and historic wildfire that devastated the idyllic island of Maui in Hawaii.

This weekend, the death toll from the intense flames increased, making this one of the deadliest fires in history.

However, the beloved astrologer, Mhoni Vidente, had predicted fires in August.

It’s worth noting that the famous psychic’s visions often come true.

Mhoni Vidente predicted the Maui wildfire

Mhoni Vidente, the truth about the fires in Hawaii

In one of her videos, Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente spoke about what August had in store. That was when she mentioned the fires.

She even shared a clip of her prediction on her Instagram account, warning about the impending disaster.

«Terrible what is happening in #Hawaii with the fires destroying the island. The images look ‘apocalyptic.’ Very sad about what is unfolding,” it reads.

Authorities in Hawaii have reported that this is the deadliest US wildfire in more than a century.

Death toll rises after Maui fire

Death toll rises from fires in Hawaii

The death toll from the catastrophic and historic wildfire that ravaged most of Lahaina, Hawaii, last week has now reached 93.

Authorities warn that this number is likely to rise as crews continue sifting through the charred remnants of buildings.

With over 5,000 structures either damaged or completely destroyed, the scale of the disaster is staggering.

The hearts of Lahaina’s residents, as well as those around the world, are bound together in solidarity as they grapple with the enormity of the tragedy.

Mhoni Vidente predicted the fire

Mhoni seer landa warning
PHOTO: Getty Images

In her video about what would happen in August, Mhoni Vidente issued a warning about what people should look out for.

«It will be a month of full sun, everywhere and everywhere, and especially the fires that will not let humans rest,» she said.

«If you want to record the best science fiction movie, capture the month of August with all the natural phenomena that are going to occur on Earth,» she added.

She even stated that by the end of the month, unbelievable events would happen: «And you’ll still say on August 31 that it’s unbelievable,» the Cuban psychic concluded her prediction.

Total destruction on Maui

One of the deadliest fires

In a shocking Facebook post, local officials shared harrowing details about the fire.

Approximately 90 percent of the structures affected by the fire have been identified as residential dwellings.

Streets that used to be filled with the laughter of children playing and neighbors chatting are now covered in ash and silence, a grim reminder of Hawaii.

Rescue teams and firefighters, along with volunteers, continue their fight to control the fire and search for possible survivors among the charred remains.

The fires rage on

They call them consume everything in their path

The confirmed death toll rose to 93 from the total of 89 announced at a news conference with officials.

At least two other fires have been burning on Maui, with no reported deaths so far, according to The Associated Press.

The fires are located in the Kihei area of ​​South Maui and in the inland mountain communities known as Upcountry.

A fourth erupted Friday night in Kaanapali, a coastal community north of Lahaina, but crews were able to extinguish it, authorities said.

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