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Mhoni Vidente says the plagues of the Apocalypse have begun (VIDEO)

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  • Mhoni Vidente scares her followers with a prediction.
  • She says the Apocalypse has already begun.
  • Two phenomena reveal what is happening.

Mhoni Vidente has repeated on several occasions that the Apocalypse will begin in 2023 with a series of events that would cause a lot of fear around the world. Recently one incident ocurred in China and apparently another is about to happen in Russia, which is still at war with Ukraine.

Through El Heraldo de México, the beloved Hispanic psychic gave a chilling prediction for her followers. For weeks she has said that in 2023 the Earth will experience all kinds of tragedies and catastrophic events that will terrify the public.

Mhoni Vidente’s terrifying prediction

Mhoni Vidente gives bad news
YouTube: The Herald of Mexico

Recently in China there was a shocking rain of worms and Mhoni Vidente said what this means: «There was no explanation, it was in a city near the capital of China that almost all the houses, cars, places were filled with worms and people were very scared because they are the plagues of the Apocalypse.»

The Cuban psychic predicted the worst: “(In the Apocalypse) there were plagues of worms, lobsters, toads, strange things that were going to be seen before the end of the world came or the Apocalypse happened. I do not believe in coincidences.»

The Apocalypse has begun

The astrologer says that the apocalypse began
YouTube: The Herald of Mexico

Mhoni Vidente said that the situation that China is experiencing at this time when the public does not want to have children and demonstrations are being held to remove the president are the product of God’s works: «A very strong earthquake is coming for China or Asia that will cause very strong things because The Judgment card is giving us the notice that the final days or the days of the Apocalypse are approaching,” she said.

And she continued: «The seven trumpets, the devil on the loose and many years ago, in 2013 a meteorite fell in Russia but it damaged many cities and many people were very scared… Another meteorite is coming but of large dimensions that people are going to confuse.» with an atomic bomb or a missile, that this could perhaps give the signal of the Third World War.”

Can the world be saved from the Apocalypse?

Apocalypse already on Earth
YouTube: The Herald of Mexico

The Cuban psychic says people should entrust themselves to spirituality: “We are in Lent and focus on believing that Jesus came to Earth to save us, things will continue to happen, in China a very strong earthquake is visualized, in Asia, or in those places that are giving us the signal of total changes.”

People were scared and commented on the video: “God watch over us and protect everyone. Amen.» «The Chinese have the technology to transform worms into food products and that rain is a great blessing.» «God and holy mother take care of us and protect us from all evil and danger, and always enlighten us.» «Rio Euphrates is the one who dried up. It is the one mentioned in the Bible that the demons will come out when this river dries up.” “We are in the sixth seal to The 7th seal, which is of the Apocalypse, has not yet been opened. It’s not in the Bible.»

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