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Mhoni Vidente says that Mexico will win the World Cup

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  • Mhoni Vidente surprises everyone with her most recent predictions.
  • The Cuban psychic says that Mexico will win the World Cup.
  • She also spoke about various celebrities.

Can it be? In her most recent visit to El Heraldo de México, in a video that is available on her official YouTube channel, Cuban psychic Mhoni Vidente surprised everyone by saying that Mexico, which wasn’t even a favorite to have a place at Qatar 2022, will win the World Cup.

As if that were not enough, the psychic beloved by Hispanics took the time to talk about various celebrities, including the Colombian singer Shakira, who continues to be on everyone’s lips after her breakup with the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué. She also spoke about Donald Trump, who is running for president in 2024.

Mhoni Vidente reads the cards for the Mexican soccer team

Mhoni Vidente
YouTube photo

Mhoni Vidente commented in the first place: “Something good is coming, something very important. Mexico wins the World Cup, gentlemen, you are hearing that, Mexico is going to win the World Cup… in 2050,” she said. She added that she won’t be around anymore to see this feat that would brighten the lives of millions of Mexicans around the world.

“But I already gave them hope that in 2050 Mexico will win the World Cup. They were asking me how I saw Mexico in Qatar. I see it, which is a good thing, but we’re going to give our prognosis: Poland doesn’t bring anything, but neither does Mexico,” commented Mhoni, who revealed that The Devil’s card indicates that there are people who want to see the National Team destroyed. “My forecast is zero to zero.”

“You have to clean up the National Team,” says Mhoni Vidente

"You have to do a clean in the Selection"says Mhoni Vidente
YouTube photo

After confirming once again that her forecast for the duel between Mexico and Poland at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is that it will end in a goalless tie, Mhoni Vidente said that the Mexican National Team needs a clean up: “That’s why Pachuca won the last tournament, because I gave them a good cleansing.”

On the other hand, she shared that people who were born on the 21st (the beginning of Sagittarius) are constantly reinventing themselves, and are strong, charismatic, elegant and unfaithful by nature: “They are not afraid of anything and they will be very lucky in gambling,” she commented. (Filed as: Mhoni Vidente says that Mexico will win the World Cup)

The Cuban psychic shares an exclusive with her fans

The Cuban psychic and clairvoyant shares an exclusive with her admirers
YouTube photo

Aside from the forecast that Mexico will win the World Cup… in 2050, Mhoni Vidente shared an exclusive with her fans: “I’m filming a movie that I loved and then I’ll be commenting on it,” said the beloved psychic, who only revealed that in this film she plays herself.

Before continuing with her predictions, she recalled that her favorites to win the World Cup Qatar 2022 are Brazil or Argentina, something many experts agree on. Marca mentioned that both teams, as well as France and Spain, have greater chances of winning, according to Sportium’s odds.

Mhoni Vidente reveals how Shakira is doing after her breakup with Piqué

Mhoni Vidente reveals how Shakira is currently after her break with Piqué
YouTube photo

Mhoni Vidente said that, after her separation from Gerard Piqué, she sees Shakira still “very hot” and angry, since she’s not in love, unlike her ex. According to Quién, Clara Chía, the current girlfriend of the former Barcelona player, encouraged him to reach an agreement with the Colombian singer, even if he had to give in.

Lastly, Mhoni Vidente did not agree with Elon Musk’s decision to reactivate Donald Trump’s Twitter account. She doesn’t see him becoming president of the US, instead she sees Ron DeSantis as a more likely option. (CLICK TO SEE THE VIDEO HERE)

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