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Mhoni Vidente says that the reign of King Charles III will not last long due to mental problems

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  • Mhoni Vidente has a terrible prediction for King Charles.
  • Will he leave the crown to William soon?
  • King Charles III could be very sick.

The coronation of King Charles III took place eight months after Queen Elizabeth’s death. We knew this event would be full of drama among the royal family and Mhoni Vidente has some predictions about his time on the throne.

She had warned of a tragedy in the British royal family after this day. Without a doubt the coronation became a highly controversial event since it was announced that Camila would be crowned Queen rather than Queen Consort.

A suicide in the royal family?

A suicide?
PHOTO: The Herald of Mexico

A few weeks ago, Mhoni Vidente had a chilling prediction for King Charles, as she claimed that a tragedy was chasing him. It is well known that King Charles III is not very liked by millions of people, especially by those who still love Princess Diana.

A tragedy could occur in the family because, according to the predictions recently made by the famous Cuban astrologer and psychic, Harry could make an attempt on his own life after experiencing a wave of misfortunes, including an alleged divorce from Meghan Markle.

The worst is yet to come for the royals

the worst is yet to come
PHOTO: Instagram

Mhoni Vidente has created a stir since she included the coronation of King Charles III in her predictions for Taurus from April 21 to May 20.

Among other things, Mhoni predicts how long King Charles III will last on the throne. The tarot reader went further. She said that William does not appear in the succession, instead it’s Harry, although this is not very credible.

Mhoni Vidente calls Charles the «crazy king»

Mhoni Seer reign of Carlos: "the mad king"
PHOTO: The Herald of Mexico

“It’s the first time that such an old man, 72 years old, has come to reign. And the Magician’s card tells us that he will not last long, that he will go crazy, with mental or psychiatric problems,» she revealed to El Heraldo de Mexico.

According to the psychic, Charles III will remain on the throne for a period of three to seven years, in which there will be major changes for Prince William and Kate Middleton as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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