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Mhoni Vidente has a shocking prediction about Peso Pluma

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Mhoni Vidente Peso Pluma prediction (Photo: Mundo Archive)
  • Mhoni Vidente has a shocking prediction.
  • Peso Pluma was threatened in Mexico.
  • There are fears for his safety.

After singer Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Peso Pluma, was threatened with a narcomanta in Mexico, Mhoni Vidente speaks out.

The famous psychic declared that the singer could suffer a fate similar to Valentín Elizalde, Chalino Sánchez or Jenni Rivera.

The renowned Cuban psychic said that Peso Pluma and other performers from Mexico should be cautious about traveling.

Images of the threat that the ‘Ella Baila Sola’ performer received in Tijuana — where he will perform in October — went viral on social media.

Mhoni Vidente’s shocking prediction about Peso Pluma

Mhoni Vidente Peso Pluma prediction, Threats to singers, Mexican Regional, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

In a disturbing turn of events that has shocked the entertainment world, Mhoni Vidente revealed a shocking prediction about Peso Pluma.

«I ask Peso Pluma not to appear in Tijuana,» said Mhoni Vidente, in a recent video she shared on social media.

«I have a prediction that he could have an accident. It could be a car accident, a plane crash or any type of accident,” declared the psychic.

Mhoni’s statements come after Peso Pluma was threatened in Tijuana with a narcomanta.

What should the singer do?

Valentín Elizalde, Chalino Sánchez, Jenni Rivera, Clairvoyant predictions, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

Given the threat that the singer received from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, the psychic declared that he must take more precautions.

«Peso Pluma must take precautions if he decides to appear in Tijuana,» declared the Cuban psychic, in the video.

His warning focuses on a destiny that is reminiscent of tragic episodes have marked Mexico.

«He must travel on a private plane, he must not drive and he must have security with him at all times,» Mhoni Vidente said in the clip.

Is his life in danger?

Safety of artists, Threats in the music industry, Violence in the world of music, Dangers of fame, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

Peso Pluma, has risen to fame with his regional Mexican hits.

However, this fame has also brought with it a shadow of danger that has recently become apparent and his fans are worried.

Alarms began to sound when images of the threats that the artist received in Tijuana went viral, just before his next concert in Mexico.

These incidents caught the attention of many, including the renowned Mhoni Vidente, whose reputation in the world of spirituality is undisputed.

Was this Peso Pluma’s first warning?

Travel safety, Mexican singers, Situation, Protection of artists, MundoNOW
Photo: Mezcalo

This is not the first time Peso Pluma has been warned by Mhoni Vidente, who had previously predicted he could be in danger.

«Christian Nodal, Peso Pluma or Grupo Frontera bring a dark energy that means they want to do something to them, an attack or a kidnapping,» said Mhoni Vidente.

Mhoni Vidente discussed her concerns about the musicians’ safety publicly.

Mhoni emphasized that the threats against Peso Pluma made her worry he could suffer the same fate as other deceased regional Mexican artists.

What about Jenni Rivera?

Security measures, Tragedies in music, Regional Mexican music, Warnings, Debate on social networks, MundoNOW, Mhoni Vidente Peso Pluma prediction
Photo: Mezcalo

The Cuban psychic didn’t just make predictions, she also warned that people need to be careful.

«These people have to take care of themselves in matters of tragedies, plane crashes, attacks and, above all, doing positive things,» the psychic stated.

Travel safety, in particular, was a point that Mhoni Vidente emphasized. With Peso Pluma scheduled to perform in Tijuana in October, his risk seems to be on the rise.

«Especially Peso Pluma that is breaking it in every way,» said the psychic in her recent YouTube video.

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