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Mhoni Vidente visualizes tragedy inside La Casa de los Famosos

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Mhoni Vidente curse on La Casa de los Famosos (Photo: Telemundo/YouTube)
  • Mhoni makes chilling prediction
  • She says the worst for La Casa de los Famosos
  • What will happen?

According to the words of Mhoni Vidente, the fourth season of «La Casa de los Famosos» is falling short of expectations.

In the opinion of the Cuban psychic, this new edition doesn’t reach the level of attraction of its predecessors.

Mhoni has claimed that Telemundo is experiencing «a curse» which explains the lack of attraction in this new edition.

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Is there a curse?

Mhoni Vidente curse Telemundo, Casa de los Famosos, Mhoni Vidente, season, opinion, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente assures curse for Telemundo / PHOTO: Telemundo

Mhoni Vidente has stated that something very wrong is happening with the executives of Telemundo because «nothing is going well for them.»

«There’s a curse there from the moment Thalía starts saying bad things about Telemundo and the show,» she recalled what the Mexican actress said.

«She’s saying very strong things, like they drugged her, kidnapped her, manipulated her, forced her to be there,» the Cuban said.

«That they were trying to have a relationship with Lupillo or manipulate the relationship so that she would divorce, how sad, isn’t it?» she commented.

Everything wrong on Telemundo

Cuban, edition, attraction, Telemundo, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente assures curse for Telemundo / PHOTO: Telemundo

«There is a curse on Telemundo, something definitely happened to Telemundo,» stated the Cuban psychic on her prediction show.

«Ever since those changes they’ve had in terms of executives, those changes in terms of owners, they don’t shine like they used to,» she asserted.

«The shows don’t shine anymore, they don’t work, apart from La Casa de los Famosos, they have more programming that doesn’t stand out,» she commented.

«They have fired many people who were completely iconic of Telemundo. They’ve made bad decisions, they’ve made bad investments,» she said.

There is a dark curse

Cuban, edition, attraction, Telemundo, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente assures curse for Telemundo / PHOTO: Meznivel

Mhoni Vidente asserted that behind them lies a dark curse. According to her words, there is something sinister haunting them, an evil presence accompanying them.

The Cuban explained that this darkness manifests through the presence of dangerous tarot cards.

«Besides, there is a dark curse, I mean, they carry something dark behind them, the devil behind them,» stated Mhoni Vidente.

«A tragedy to the Devil card and the Hanged Man card is behind them because there is something dark,» commented the Cuban.

One of the contestants is in danger

program, predictions, dark, tarot cards, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente assures curse for Telemundo / PHOTO: Screenshot YouTube

Mhoni has stated that one of the participants of La Casa de los Famosos is in danger as a serious accident approaches.

She said on her prediction show: «A huge tragedy is visualized for one of the current participants there at Telemundo.»

«There are very dark witchcraft practices and they won’t be able to escape them, I mean, a very serious accident,» she asserted.

Therefore, now all of them must be very careful in their next steps, as they could be in serious danger.

Will Mhoni Vidente enter La Casa?

devil, tragedy, contestants, danger, mundonow
Mhoni Vidente assures curse for Telemundo / PHOTO: Screenshot YouTube

Mhoni stated that she doesn’t believe she would participate in a season of La Casa de los Famosos because, as she mentioned herself, «they don’t meet her price.»

Additionally, she criticized the contestants, claiming they are not truly famous people or that they are already in the decline of their careers.

Her statement suggests disdain towards the level of stardom of the participants and questions the authenticity of the program.

The psychic seems dissatisfied with the quality of the competitors and distrusts the relevance of the show compared to her standards. WATCH THE FULL VIDEO OF HER STATEMENTS HERE.

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