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Mhoni Seer predicts something terrible for Biden and AMLO, even asks them to make prayers (VIDEO)

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  • Clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente predicts something terrible for Biden and AMLO
  • He mentions that it will be a crucial year for the Government of Mexico
  • He spoke about the possibility of a new pope in the Vatican

Mhoni Vidente Biden AMLO. Like every week the psychic Most famous in Mexico, Mhoni Vidente amazes with his predictions, that every time he hits them, this time he mentions that something is going to happen to the leaders of the United States, Mexico and Russia.

Through the program Here With You that can be seen in Youtube, the clairvoyant astonished all her viewers by saying what is in store for both Biden and President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador this year.

“This will be a crucial year for the Government of Mexico, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, AMLO and President Nicolás Maduro, they are going to have an attack or a disease this year that will be very strong,” said Mhoni and added “there are people that he wants to remove them from power, that is why they have to take care of themselves or it is not totally convenient for them in that turn, that is why they have to take care of themselves and completely raise their prayers to live and have another year in peace.

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Powerful Social Networks in the world

He was also asked about whether social networks will mark the history of mankind, since in recent days they have censored accounts of both politicians and celebrities around the world, this said the seer.

“It is no coincidence that they are so powerful in the world, the 3 enlightened ones rule the networks, each time they will be stronger and they will be removing or putting people in power,” said the psychic.

This was explained by recalling that they were able to suspend the account of the president of the United States with millions of followers, and he says that the enlightened can disappear at any time.

He asked that they take care of themselves since the 13 enlightened ones can remove you from the face of the earth at any time, as well as they canceled Donald Trump’s network accounts.


Chicharito Hernández and a new Pope

Mhoni Vidente Biden AMLO. In addition, Mhoni Vidente spoke about the future of the Mexican soccer player Javier El Chicharito Hernández, since he has been circulating about a possible separation from his partner.

Mhoni Seer Biden AMLO 2


“Chicharito has always had problems with his partners, since he was a woman in the other life, he has that woman’s rudeness, he is very jealous, there are rumors about infidelity, when he had a threesome with the advisor,” Mhoni assured.

That is why he recommended that they do not bring friends into the house, because from experience he says so, since “they are only seeing what they throw away,” the seer said so.

“When the rumor, infidelity is so strong and you think that your son is no longer yours, you no longer serve, it is better to be good friends and not be bad lovers and separate from the best condition and that is over.”

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He was asked about a possible conspiracy in religion, due to the blackout that occurred in the Vatican and that the Pope has not come to light to which he replied:

“This is the year of religion, the blackout in the Vatican caused a furor around the world, Pope Francis’ doctor dies of COVID, they lock him up and there is a conspiracy on crime issues and this year there will be a new pope,” said Mhoni Seer.

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He even spoke about the weather in this year 2021: “60 years ago in Madrid it did not snow, in Europe there is a tremendous cold wave, they went out to celebrate because they had not seen the snow, there are people who never knew it,” said the clairvoyant.

“An earthquake is visualized in Mexico, 7.1 in this year we must also be prepared in the whole world, this year will not be so terrible but it will be strong,” he assured that it will be like the one in 2017.

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