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Mexico reaches an ‘important agreement’ with the U.S. to address migration

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Mexico, agreement, the US, immigration
Mexico reaches immigration agreement with U.S(Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Mexico reaches immigration agreement with the U.S.
  • The two countries are attempting to curb the flow.
  • They address migrant caravans.

An important delegation from the United States met with the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Wednesday, December 27.

The goal was to come up with strategies to address the situation at the border, which has affected both countries.

This occurs while people are being evicted from a migrant camp located on the banks of the Rio Grande.

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Photo: MundoNOW

So far, the specific measures agreed upon during this high-level meeting have not been made known.

However, Alicia Bárcena, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, briefly shared some details with the media.

She emphasized the importance of easing trade between the two nations.

«The importance of reopening border crossings is a priority for us,» she said as she left the meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

High-level meeting between AMLO and Antony Blinken

Migration, United States, Decisions, Impact, News
Photo: The Associated Press

In addition, Bárcena mentioned the formation of a joint work team that will hold periodic meetings with Central and South American countries.

This will be done with the purpose of addressing immigration issues, emphasizing the need for mutual support to deal with this problem.

«That was what was really talked about and how we are going to support each other,» stated the head of Foreign Relations.

The meeting also addressed the bilateral economic relationship and the importance of addressing the structural causes of migration.

Mexico reaches immigration agreement with the U.S.

Agreements, Meetings, Mexico, Government, AMLO
Photo: The Associated Press

Likewise, Mexico’s interest in addressing the foundations of the phenomenon was highlighted, according to El Universal.

«We talk about the economic part, also about the structural causes of migration, we are very interested in going to the causes,» said the official.

Regarding migrant caravans, Bárcena reported on efforts to significantly reduce the numbers.

She indicated they will focus attention on the rigorous control of migratory flow.

Stronger immigration controls

Process, Migrants, Caravans, Camps, Río Bravo
Photo: The Associated Press

«We have tried to greatly reduce the numbers of migrants,» said Alicia Bárcena, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico.

Subsequently, President López Obrador highlighted important agreements reached in areas of economic cooperation, security and migration.

This underlines the good neighbor policy as a fundamental pillar in the current situation, El Universal reported.

AMLO emphasized that the intention is not to impose greater immigration controls.

Addressing structural causes of immigration

Immigrants, Undocumented, Community, Hispanics, Mexico Agreement with the US
Photo: The Associated Press

The goal is to address the root causes of the phenomenon, reaffirming the commitment of both administrations to help those in vulnerable situations.

«No, they know very well what our proposals are, that the causes must be addressed,» López Obrador said prior to the meeting.

«The ideal is to help poor people. We are doing it,» the president of Mexico added.

Both the United States and Mexico face intense pressure to reach agreements, The Associated Press reported.

Continuity in immigration agreements

Management, Process, Economy, Future, Proposals
Photo: The Associated Press

The region is experiencing an unprecedented migratory flow that has not been able to be controlled despite U.S. attempts to open new channels for legal emigration.

According to The Associated Press, Mexico has registered more than 680,000 irregular migrants so far in 2023.

In parallel to these negotiations, a camp of migrants in Matamoros is continuing with evictions.

This has been a sample of the efforts in managing the migratory flow and controlling the border, according to El Universal.

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