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Police in Mexico have discovered how Bionce Cortez died

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  • Authorities have discovered how Bionce Cortez died.
  • Her body has been handed over to family.
  • The young woman’s tragic death has caused outrage.

Raúl Karr Vázquez, the mayor of China, Nuevo León, confirmed that Bionce Cortez died after she fell out of a speeding car, according to the preliminary investigation. The young woman lived in Texas and was visiting family in Mexico, according to SDP, Publímetro and EFE.

Bionce disappeared on April 9 in the municipality of China, Nuevo León in northern Mexico, where she was spending the Easter holidays. Five days later her body was found at a ranch in the El Verde community in General Bravo.


Bionce Cortez fell car
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In an interview with journalist Azucena Uresti, the mayor of that Neo-Leon municipality, revealed what emerged from the investigation: «What is known is that this girl was with a young man and, when turning in a corner, the door opens and that’s where the poor thing hit the door.»

The mayor chose not to reveal the name of the young man who was with her, but revealed that he tried to help her by taking her to a clinic. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find anyone to treat her so he just left her body where it was found.


death mexico
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“In the end, I don’t know, he chickened out, he regretted it and he left her at the place where they located her. In the clinic he did not find anyone to help him. Yes, he got out, but he did not find anyone in the clinic, there was no one,” said the mayor, who also said there was a video that police used to identify the driver.

Bionce Cortez, a resident of Texas, had traveled to Nuevo León to spend the Easter holidays with some friends. «Her friends tell me that they left her on a dark street at the entrance to China, Nuevo León, Mexico and that they don’t remember very well what she was wearing,» said Bionce Amaya’s sister.


Bionce Cortez fell car
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The body of Bionce Jazmín Amaya Cortez, who was killed in Nuevo León a week ago, was transferred to Mission, Texas, where she resided, according to Mexican authorities.

Sources from the Nuevo León State Attorney General’s Office indicated that the procedures to return her body to the US were carried out by a cousin whose name was not disclosed. The family also received support from the local Commission for Attention to Victims.


death mexico
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The Amaya Cortez family created  GoFundMe campaign to help them cover the costs of transporting her body and pay for her funeral services. “Help us return Bionce to the United States and give her the beautiful send-off she deserves,” Ethna Amaya Cortez, Bionce’s sister, wrote on Facebook.

She indicated that any amount would be appreciated. “Even down to just sharing this (post),” she added. As of 4:45 p.m. on Monday, April 17, the page We Miss Bionce on GoFundMe, had collected $12,139, which was donated by 294 people.

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