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Mexican YouTuber Lupe Bomba dies

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  • María Guadalupe Jacobo Alvarado, better known as Lupe Bomba, dies.
  • She was a charismatic content creator.
  • Apparently she suffered from health problems related to alcohol.

María Guadalupe Jacobo Alvarado, better known as YouTuber Lupe Bomba, dies. She was a charismatic content creator who became famous for sharing her country life. Although the cause of her death is unknown at the moment, she was open about having health problems according to Telediario.

María Guadalupe Jacobo Alvarado, ‘Lupe Bomba’, was originally from La Cofradía, Navolato, Sinaloa. She began appearing on her YouTube channel La Lupe Bomba Original in collaboration with the RL Musica, owned by Cristóbal Reyes, drummer of the northern music group Los Alegres del Barranco. She gained recognition not only in her state and Mexico, but in other parts of Latin America.


Youtuber Lupe Bomba dies
Photo Twitter

Her fans were very happy to watch all her adventures on camera. Lupe Bomba also had a great personality that led hundreds of people to follow her on her on social media. Her fans are devastated by her passing.

After her death was announced, her followers offered condolences to her family and shared several of her most popular videos, along with farewell messages.


Mourning social networks
Photo Twitter

Lupe Bomba had recently gone to rehab to try to overcome her dependence on alcohol, however, apparently she was not successful. She reached the peak of her popularity when she began a romance, which did not last very long, with El Tarántula de la Sierra, another well-known social media personality.

Despite her success on social media, she always lived in a humble house made of bricks, concrete and a firm roof in La Cofradía, Navolato. RL Music helped her fix up her home, which she enjoyed with her mother, María Rosenda Alvarado Rocha, who had mobility problems.


Youtuber Lupe Bomba dies
Photo Twitter

A few months ago, Lupe Bomba faced her addiction to alcohol, a problem she inherited from her father. She was recently at Unidad Terapéutica Bethel Femenil, a rehabilitation center where she tried to overcome her dependency on alcohol. However, everything suggests that she did not achieve her goal and today all of Sinaloa is in mourning her sudden death.

Some outlets indicate that the popular influencer died on April 2. Lupe became very popular on TikTok and YouTube for her content with her boyfriend known as El Tarántula de la Sierra, where they often had arguments (many of them while drunk) in front of everyone.

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