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Burned beyond recognition! Mexican soccer star Antonio Salazar, ‘El Hulk’, found dead in his trunk

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  • Mexican football is in mourning.
  • The tragic death of former Chivas player ‘El Hulk’ has been announced.
  • Antonio Salazar loses his life at 33 years of age.

On May 10, Mother’s Day in Mexico, the tragic death of soccer player Antonio Salazar ‘El Hulk’ was announced. He is famous for being part of the Chivas club for several years. The way his body was discovered has shocked soccer fans.

Antonio Salazar ‘El Hulk’, was only 33 years old and, according to reports from Publímetro, which also quoted other media outlets such as the Líderes del Rebaño Twitter account, as well as the Mural newspaper and SDP Noticias, the player’s body was discovered in the trunk of his burning car.

Footballer Antonio Salazar dies tragically

'The Hulk' dies burned

The incident happened in Tonalá, Jalisco and, according to what is reported in various media, the body of ‘El Hulk’ was found in the trunk of his car, which was on fire. This makes the news even more shocking.

Apparently, Antonio Salazar’s vehicle was abandoned at the city limits of Tonalá and the municipality of El Salto, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. Police arrived at the scene thanks to emergency calls from several people who reported the presence of a burning car.

The police make a macabre discovery

Antonio Salazar death The Hulk


According to Publimetro, on Sunday, May 8, the police arrived at a dirt area that is also the road that leads to the El Cajón dam, in the town of the Fraccionamiento Colinas Universidad. There they found the soccer player’s car.

Everything happened around 5:30 pm in the afternoon when police discovered a white Chevrolet Cavalier car which was on fire. They immediately maneuvered to put out the fire. Inside the trunk was the body of ‘El Hulk’.

El Hulk’s body was burned beyond recognition

They find his car with him encased in flames el hULK

The police stated the body they found in the Chevrolet’s trunk was burned beyond recognition so forensic authorities proceeded to carry out the necessary tests that would reveal the identity of the victim.

Although this type of situation is generally attributed to criminal organizations, the reasons why Antonio Salazar was in that area have not been established, much less what happened, so the authorities of the State of Jalisco are already working a theory of the case.

Club Chivas offers condolences for the tragic death of Antonio Salazar

Antonio Salazar tragic death

On May 10 when the news of the death of the soccer player broke, the Chivas club sent a message of condolence to his family through its official Twitter account. Fans of the sports institution were shocked by the terrible tragedy.

«We deeply regret the sad loss of Antonio ‘Hulk’ Salazar, who emerged from our quarry and debuted with the Rebaño in 2007. We send our condolences to family and friends,» they wrote. «El Hulk» was 33 years old and participated in Chivas, in Jaguares, Santos de Guápiles, as well as in Cimarrones. Rest in peace.

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