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Mexican soccer player defends Lionel Messi against Canelo Álvarez

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El mexicano se mostró muy confiado ¿egocéntrico?
  • Alan Pulido came out in defense of the Argentine star.
  • Messi has been harshly criticized for allegedly offending Mexico.
  • Canelo Alvarez threatened Lionel Messi.

After the Argentina vs. Mexico match ended in favor of Lionel Messi’s squad, a big fight broke out on social media between Argentines and Mexicans. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when a video began circulating of Messi appearing to step on a Mexico jersey was revealed.

This incident generated a lot of criticism of the footballer, calling him disrespectful. Mexican boxer Saúl «Canelo» Álvarez sparked a great controversy by «threatening» Messi on Twitter because he was so offended when he saw his country’s shirt being «trampled» on.

Canelo threatens Messi

Canelo threatens Messi
PHOTO: Twitter

Mexican boxer Canelo Álvarez has always shown his love for his nation. On Twitter, he demonstrated that, like his compatriots, he was offended by Messi.

«May God not let me find him!» “Just as I respect Argentina, you have to respect Mexico!! I am not talking about the country (Argentina) I’m talking about Messi because of this sh** he pulled,” he raged. This led to a fight with sportscaster David Faitelson.

People speak out in defense of Lionel Messi

They leave in dense of the footballer
PHOTO: Twitter

Some replies to Canelo’s tweet said he was overreacting: «I think you are exaggerating Canelo, the video isn’t clear.» «There is no point in following his game.» «Canelo, here in Argentina people support you a lot, you are letting yourself be carried away by something taken out of context.”

Although other people agreed with the boxer: «It has always been said that the Argentines aren’t humble, this shows it.” However, Lionel has not said anything publicly about the controversy.

Mexican soccer player defends Messi

Mexican soccer player defends the Argentine
PHOTO: Twitter

While some have shown their disenchantment with the apparent action of PSG’s #10 on social media, others have come out in his defense. According to Publimetro, Mexican, and former Chivas player, Alan Pulido, has criticized the way in which «cheap news has been made up» regarding the subject.

«Stop trying to make up cheap news and make controversy about something that doesn’t make sense, Messi doesn’t kick or step on any shirt from the Mexican National Team. For those who don’t know much about soccer, that’s normal in a locker room, it’s clear that he wants to remove the stud,» wrote the former Chivas player.

Tired of so much controversy

Mexican soccer player Messi Canelo: Tired of so much controversy
PHOTO: Twitter

The comments on Pulido’s tweet are based largely on the fact that the fans don’t want any more «absurd» scandals.

“When they were strong, all the players took great care of their studs, bandages and uniforms because they only had one of each. Values.” This was a comment regarding the items that were on the floor in the locker room video. With information from FILED UNDER: Mexican soccer player Messi Canelo

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