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Mexican priest refuses to marry couple because they didn’t pay «photo fee»

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  • Mexican priest refuses to marry a couple.
  • He insisted they pay a 700 peso photo fee.
  • He refused to admit the photographer they hired.

A Mexican priest cancels a couple’s wedding because they didn’t pay his photographers. The disturbing incident was caught on video that is now circulating on social media.

Although it seems like a soap opera, it is a true story. A priest refused to marry a couple in the San Juan Bautista church in the Mexican city of Irapuato, in the state of Guanajuato, because they did not want to pay a fee for the right to take photographs of the event.

Mexican priest cancels wedding because couple didn’t pay «photo fee»

Mexican priest prevents wedding paid photos
Photo Twitter

The wedding went bad for the happy couple because the Irapuato priest refused to admit the photographers that the bride and groom had hired to document their special day. The reason the priest gave left everyone speechless.

The priest was demanding that the couple pay a fee of 700 pesos, equivalent to just over $35 in order to allow the photographers inside the church. In fact, he said bluntly: «In the temple here I rule!»

“Merchant in cassock”

Mexican priest prevents wedding paid photos
Photo: Twitter

The Mexican priest denied entry to the photographers that the bride and groom had hired and explained that those were the ‘regulations’ of the church since they already have «in-house» photographers who work for them.

«If you don’t want to, look, I’m leaving,» said the father when relatives complained. The painful scene was recorded in a video shared on social media by journalist Jorge Guzmán, who described the man as a «merchant in a cassock.»

No money, no mass

Photo: Twitter

The Mexican priest insisted that there were photographers who already have a license to work inside the church and that the bride and groom should work with them. A relative argued that they were being charged $35, but the priest simply said that this was the norm.

Outraged relatives tried to reason with the priest and reminded him that they had already paid for the mass but he said that he did not want those photographers inside his church and that they were only allowed to work outside, according to Mexican newspaper Center Page.

Would you pay a photo fee at your wedding?

Photo: Twitter

«This is your mass,» replied the priest, adding, «I don’t want these photographers you hired.» Ultimately, it is unknown if the relatives paid the photo fee or reached some kind of agreement.

Various netizens expressed surprise on Twitter: «It is seen that the little father likes the mazcuata.» «With all due respect that HDSPM this father.» «so greedy,» were some of the comments on journalist Jorge Guzmán’s video. Mexican priest prevents wedding because he was not paid photo fee

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