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Mexican immigrants denounce human trafficking network in Canada

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  • Mexican immigrants say they are being exploited in Canada.
  • The say a network in Canada practices human trafficking.
  • Immigrants discuss the terrible conditions they face.

Immigrants denounce network involved in labor exploitation in Canada which they have described as ‘modern slavery‘. Mexicans have spoken with the EFE news agency and revealed the terrible working conditions they faced.

Immigrants say that alleged recruiters have been hooking with promises of ​​jobs in Canada. However, when they arrive, the reality is very different than what they were promised.

Mexican immigrants denounce human trafficking in Canada

Mexican immigrants denounce labor exploitation network
PHOTO Carlos Moreno/MundoNow

On Sunday, May 28, Mexican immigrants claimed networks of alleged recruiters are hooking them the promise of jobs in Canada. However, once there, they face a very different reality than what they were promised.

They have told EFE that they are exploited at work and forced to live in overcrowded houses that they share with up to 15 people. They are also being charged rent.

Labor exploitation in Canada?

Immigrants denounce labor exploitation network in Canada
PHOTO Carlos Moreno/MundoNow

One of the victims, named Kevin, told EFE the following after being deported from Ottawa to Cancun: «Everything is a fraud: They charge you $441 a month for rent and demand another $5,000 to process your entry into Canada.»

The immigrant asked others not to be fooled by the promises of the alleged fraudulent recruiters. «Everything is a lie, please don’t be fooled, they will only take you to Canada to exploit you, to turn you into slaves in the 21st century.»

Canadian authorities in Mexico alert residents

Canadian authorities in Mexico alert residents
PHOTO Twitter

Canadian authorities in Mexico, who asked to remain anonymous, warned Mexicans not to fall for the fraud. “Like many countries, including Mexico, we offer Complementary Protection for Foreigners or Refuge/Asylum, but in specific and special cases.”

According to EFE, Mexican immigrants fall for the Canadian dream that is promoted on social media. They say that the Canadian government has a high demand for labor and programs that facilitate entry, however there is much fraud.

Undocumented immigrants are rescued from subhuman conditions

They rescue undocumented immigrants in subhuman conditions
PHOTO Twitter

The Canadian sources who chose not to reveal their identity told EFE that in recent months they managed to rescue migrants who were working in subhuman conditions. «The Mexicans lived overcrowded, paying a lot of money for rent, food and other services.”

Police in York, a community north of Toronto, rescued 64 Mexicans from an international trafficking network. «The victims lived in poverty and were forced to work long hours for little pay, while their exploiters benefited and lived in luxury,» the report says.

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