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Mexican immigrant Emanuel Urbina was abandoned by a coyote and found dead in the desert days later

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Emanuel Urbina Medina fue abandonado por el traficante de personas que lo llevaba por el desierto de Nuevo México y lo encontraron muerto.
  • Emanuel Urbina Medina was abandoned in the desert by a coyote.
  • He was found dead five days later.
  • Emmanuel’s family is asking for help to bring his body back to Mexico.

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Emanuel Urbina Medina, a Mexican immigrant, tragically lost his life after being abandoned by a human trafficker in the harsh New Mexico desert. The devastating news has left his family in the community of Tres Palmas, near San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, heartbroken.

Mrs. Mariana Rodríguez, Emanuel Urbina Medina’s godmother, has started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe, hoping that the community will come together to help raise funds for the repatriation of her nephew’s body to Tres Palmas for a proper burial. The specific cause of the young man’s death has not been disclosed yet.

Emanuel Urbina Medina died while chasing the American dream

Emanuel Urbina Medina died in the New Mexico desert when he tried to cross in pursuit of the American dream but the human trafficker abandoned him. (PHOTO: Taken from GoFundMe)

In her heartfelt plea for assistance, Mrs. Mariana Rodríguez shares the tragic story of her godson, Emanuel Urbina Medina, who attempted to cross the New Mexico desert guided by a human trafficker in search of the American dream. The boy’s age remains undisclosed.

«Regrettably, I am seeking funds to facilitate the repatriation of my godson,» writes Mariana Rodríguez. «He bravely attempted to cross through New Mexico to support his parents and ensure his little brother could continue his education, but sadly, he did not succeed.» The campaign titled Help Repatriate Emanuel with His Parents details the family’s dire situation.

«I ask you to touch your heart and help us»

PHOTO: Texas Department of Public Safety file.

As per the heart-wrenching account shared by Mrs. Mariana Rodríguez from San Antonio, Texas, her godson Emanuel Urbina Medina was left to fate when the human trafficker abandoned him about an hour and a half into New Mexico. Tragically, his lifeless body was discovered five days later in the unforgiving desert.

She implores everyone to lend a helping hand: “Now… I ask you to touch your heart and help us raise a grain of sand. His body is currently being held at the New Mexico border… until the repatriation amount can be paid. I thank you in advance for your help and also for your prayers for those parents and siblings who have no consolation,” Rodríguez’s plea ends.

Despite the scorching heat, immigrants continue to cross the border

PHOTO: Texas Department of Public Safety file.

Despite the scorching summer temperatures, numerous immigrants persist in taking the perilous journey of crossing the border between Mexico and the United States through treacherous and arid terrain, putting their lives on the line. Border Patrol agents stationed in El Paso, Texas, have been facing increased activity in recent weeks, patrolling the desert regions of the southern United States.

According to a statement from CBP, in the rugged areas between Texas and New Mexico, agents apprehended 125 immigrants attempting to cross in pursuit of the elusive American dream. Shockingly, some of these individuals resorted to using the sewer system as a means of access into the United States.

Border Patrol has made dozens of arrests

PHOTO: Texas Department of Public Safety file.

On Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 2:00 a.m., Border Patrol agents in the El Paso metropolitan area detected suspicious activity in the drainage channels beneath Modesto Park. Responding swiftly, several officers arrived at the scene and apprehended 12 immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala as they emerged from the storm drain.

On the same day, in a joint operation between the Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS), agents intercepted a pickup truck on the I-10 highway. Inside the vehicle, they discovered 12 more immigrants from El Salvador, Mexico, and Guatemala attempting to hide. All individuals were subsequently arrested.

Authorities ask immigrants not to risk their  lives

Authorities ask immigrants not to risk themselves
PHOTO: Border Patrol.

The Border Patrol, in a statement issued to MundoNow, urges individuals not to risk their lives attempting to cross the desert illegally. The harsh terrain, extreme summer heat, and unforgiving distance pose serious dangers to migrants attempting such journeys.

“People who make the decision to make the dangerous journey to this territory have died of dehydration, starvation, and heat stroke, despite our best efforts to locate and assist them. We strongly advise against believing smugglers or others who falsely claim that the borders are open,» the statement concludes.

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