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Mexican host Talina Fernández will pose nude

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  • The actress stated that she will pose for her granddaughter María.
  • Talina Fernández’s granddaughter is a photographer.
  • They already have the place planned and want it to be “quiet.”

At the beginning of the year it was reported that Mexican host Talina Fernández had to sell her jewelry in order to get money to survive. Now she has stated that she will pose stark naked because she’s very proud of her body.

Talina’s granddaughter, María Levy’s parents are the actress’ daughter Mariana Levy and Ariel López Padilla. The host and grandmother of seven, said that her body has a lot to tell. She’s convinced that the body of an “old woman has many stories to tell.”

Talina sold her jewelry to survive!

She sold her jewelry to survive!
PHOTO: Instagram

Mexican host Talina Fernández surprised everyone in an interview for De Primera Mano when she said that she had sold some of her jewelry to be able to get through the terrible economic crisis that she suffered after she stopped working for Televisa.

“There came a time when I had to sell my jewelry, my love. Well, I left Televisa and I didn’t… What is that called when they pay you for your departure? Well, I didn’t get it here, so I’ve had very difficult times,” she said in an interview for De Primera Mano.

Talina Fernández sold her jewelry due to economic problems

Talina Fernández will pose: She sold her jewelry due to economic problems
PHOTO: Instagram

El Heraldo stressed that, despite the fact that the mother of the deceased Mariana Levy confessed that she misses her rings and earrings after she sold all her jewelry to survive, she joked that due to Covid-19 there was no point in having all the jewelry in her house.

After this, Talina Fernández stressed that the important thing is that she currently has a job and she’s extremely grateful for that. She added that, despite her age, she continues to move forward: “May God allow me to continue working at 77 years old,” she said in an interview.

Talina Fernández will pose completely nude

Talina Fernández will pose: She will show her whole body
PHOTO: Instagram

Talina Fernández agreed to pose completely naked, at 77 years old. Her granddaughter, María Levy, who makes a living as a photographer, will do the photo session. “She’s super creative and I really enjoy talking to her, so much so that she’s even going to do a nude photo shoot for me,” she said to a Mexican outlet.

“Moles, scars, from the saggy belly. That is old age with a young soul. My body produced children, diseases, the operation that I survived… It really is wonderful,” she said regarding how she made the decision to do a nude photo shoot.

The internet reacts

the internet reacts
PHOTO: Instagram

The Chamonix Instagram account also shared the news of what Talina plans to do and users reacted: “I was just telling my husband. We have to accept and love our body as it is. And what a joy to get to be 70, 80 or 90 like Doña Pinal.”

Good for her, she accepts and loves, apart from that I don’t think those are vulgar photos.” “Each one their own body, I guess those will be artistic photos.” Although other people were more negative: “Oh no, but what’s the need?” “It’s good for people to do what they want, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else.” FILED FROM: Talina Fernández will pose.

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