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4 Mexican dishes to celebrate Hispanic heritage

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platillos mexicanos herencia hispana, tacos, carne, pastor, MundoNOW
Mexican dishes to celebrate / PHOTO: Shutterstock
  • Variety of Tacos, a Versatile Delight
  • Tamales, Flavor Wrapped in Corn Husks
  • Mole: A Unique Blend of Flavors

In every celebration, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month, food is an essential part of the festivities.

Mexicans can proudly claim to have one of the world’s richest cuisines, and it’s true.

Here, we share four dishes from this country that are perfect for celebrating Hispanic heritage, although there are many more to explore.

We won’t mention guacamole, cochinita pibil, chilaquiles, enchiladas, tortas, barbacoa, birria, or ceviche, as they are already well-known.

Tacos, a Classic Favorite

stuffed tacos, stew, tortillas, sauce, MundoNOW
Mexican dishes heritage / PHOTO: Shutterstock

When one thinks of Mexico, one of the first dishes that comes to mind is tacos, which can be made from practically anything.

Favorites include carne asada, adobada, suadero, bisteck, pastor, and any stew you can imagine.

If you top them with your preferred salsa, they are a dish you will never tire of, especially during Hispanic Heritage Month.

In the United States, there are several establishments ready to delight your palate. Enjoy!

Any Reason Is Good to Enjoy Tamales

Hispanic heritage Mexican dishes, tamales, dough, corn, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

When tamales are mentioned, they are quickly associated with Christmas, New Year’s, and Candlemas Day in February.

However, during celebrations like Hispanic Heritage Month, they are also very popular due to their unparalleled flavor.

It’s worth noting that tamales can be prepared in many ways, and even in countries like Chile and Argentina, they differ significantly from those in Mexico.

They are made with corn dough and filled with ingredients such as meat, chicken, or beans, wrapped in corn or even banana leaves.

Mole, an Ancestral Dish

mole, rice, chocolate, chile, MundoNOW
Mexican dishes heritage / PHOTO: Shutterstock

Next, we present one of the ideal Mexican dishes to celebrate Hispanic heritage: mole.

Depending on the region of Mexico where it’s prepared, this ancestral dish has various versions.

Primarily, it consists of a dark and thick sauce served with turkey or chicken. Sometimes, it includes over 30 ingredients.

Among these ingredients, chiles and chocolate stand out, giving this dish a unique flavor that’s truly finger-licking good.

Chile en Nogada, Ideal for Patriotic Celebrations

Mexican dishes Hispanic heritage, chile en nogada, September, pomegranate, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Finally, among the Mexican dishes to celebrate Hispanic heritage, we have chile en nogada.

Just as tamales are associated with enjoyment during the Christmas holidays, this dish is linked to consumption in September.

It is said to date back to Mexico’s Independence, which is why it features the colors: green (chile), white (sauce), and red (pomegranate).

The chiles are stuffed with a combination of pork, fruits, and nuts. The sauce includes cheese, milk, and Castilian walnuts. Pomegranate is the finishing touch.

One More Dish: Pozole

pozole, guacamole, cochinita pibil, ceviche, MundoNOW
Mexican dishes heritage / PHOTO: Shutterstock

We are aware of the variety in Mexican cuisine, and we know that four dishes are not enough to celebrate Hispanic heritage.

According to the Sal Roche portal, pozole is commonly prepared during this month, especially during the patriotic celebrations.

It has a long history, dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Over time, it has undergone several changes.

Today, there are approximately 20 versions of this dish. The most prominent ones are white pozole, green pozole, and red pozole.

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