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Mexican housecleaner in the US reveals how much money she earns

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  • Indira Valencia is a housecleaner in the United States.
  • She reveals how much she earns on TikTok.
  • Valencia surprises her followers with her secrets to making money.

Indira Valencia cleans houses in the United States. She reveals how much she earns on TikTok and shares her secrets for how she makes so much money. Her followers ask her for tips on how to find work cleaning houses.

The Mexican immigrant said that she came to the US to help her family. House cleaning has become one of the best options for foreigners because, in addition to paying well, it is a low-risk job.


Mexican clean houses money

Valencia even says that there is such a demand for this type of work that she has had to hire people to help. She admits that how much people can make depends on the area.

In addition to publicizing how much she makes, she also gives advice for other women who are coming to the US and want to find ways to support themselves and their families.


United States immigrant
Photo TikTok

Valencia revealed how much you can make depends on where you live. She is in Seattle, Washington where she earns between $16-$20 an hour. That means in a day you can make up to $128, which equals around 2,400 Mexican pesos. However, she has a warning.

Madam, if your daughter is hue… (a Mexican expression describing a person with little desire to work) don’t force it. She’s going to be like that here and in China.» And she took the opportunity to point out that all jobs require effort.


United States immigrant

Other women asked Valencia for advice: «I want to work cleaning houses, I like it a lot, I have been here for 4 months, please help me, I live in Los Angeles.» «I don’t know how much to charge in a beach rental house in Wilmington NC, 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a half, kitchen and living room without laundry, advise me.” “friend, I want to work in the USA, how can I do it? I am a good worker.»

Other people commented: «I would like an opportunity like that.» «Sometimes it is illogical to compare because as you earn you spend and sometimes worse, because a rent in New York is worth a simple 1800 dollars.» «How do I get cleaning houses? Should I look at a cleaning company? Or is there an application to search for houses, offices and clean.”

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