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Mass shooting in Tennessee: 2 killed and 7 injured

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Memphis mass shooting-Tiroteo masivo Memphis, Balacera, muertos, EEUU, MundoNOW
Memphis mass shooting (PHOTO: Shutterstock)
  • Mass Shooting in Memphis.
  • 2 people were killed.
  • The community is in shock.

A weekend of terror unfolded in Memphis, Tennessee after a mass shooting killed two people and injured several others.

It occurred on the evening of Saturday, April 20, when Memphis police received an emergency call about a shooting.

Upon arriving at the scene, they encountered a real tragedy that has shaken the community.

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Fatal shooting in Memphis

Memphis mass shooting, shooting, dead, USA, MundoNOW,
PHOTO: Shutterstock

A mass shooting on Saturday night during a party in Memphis, Tennessee, left two people dead and seven others wounded, according to the police.

Memphis police responded at 7:19 p.m. on Saturday night to a shooting at the 2400 block of Carnes Avenue in the Orange Mound neighborhood.

Officers found multiple gunshot victims. Two men were declared dead and three other victims were transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Interim Police Chief CJ Davis stated at a press conference that the police are working to locate the suspects responsible for the shooting.

Memphis mass shooting shocks the community

Police are aware of at least two suspects who opened fire during the neighborhood party that had between 200 and 300 attendees.

Various crime scenes near Carnes Avenue and Grand Street were cordoned off while the police investigated the shooting.

The Memphis Fire Department dispatched several ambulances to the scene. According to the police, the shooting occurred at a street party that did not have a permit.

Two people were killed and seven were injured, in an outbreak of violence that erupted during a nighttime celebration in the Orange Mound neighborhood.

Chaos after news of the fatalities

Tragedy struck when bullets shattered the peaceful night, unleashing indescribable chaos amidst the celebration, according to CBS News.

People were caught in a whirlwind of danger, not understanding how a festive gathering could turn into a scene of terror.

The swift response of the police was crucial amidst the pandemonium. The officers, facing horror and confusion, rushed into the heart of danger to save lives and stop the shooters.

Unfortunately those responsible remain at large, hidden among the shadows of the night.

Two suspects are sought in the mass shooting

According to authorities, they are currently searching for at least two suspects involved in the shooting.

«We believe there are at least two individuals who fired weapons during this incident,» Interim Police Chief CJ Davis told reporters, according to The Associated Press.

«In light of recent events, we come together to denounce these acts of senseless violence,» he added.

The circumstances that led to the shooting are not clear. The police did not immediately name the two deceased victims and did not provide the conditions of the injured patients.

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