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Mexican actress Melissa Barrera is expelled from ‘Scream VII’ for alleged anti-Semitic comments

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Melissa Barrera Fired, Movie, Controversy, MundoNow, Terror
Melissa Barrera was fired (PHOTO: Shutterstock/Mezcalent)
  • Melissa Barrera Fired from Scream VII.
  • Comments on the war.
  • Responsibility of public figures.

Mexican actress Melissa Barrera has been removed from the cast of the film ‘Scream VII,’ according to reports from Agencia EFE.

The dismissal follows her posts on social media where she described the recent Israeli offensive in Gaza as ‘genocide and ethnic cleansing.’

The production company Spyglass, which is in charge of the popular franchise, confirmed her departure in a statement released this Tuesday, November 21.

‘Spyglass’ position is unequivocally clear: «we have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism or hate speech in any of its forms,» the statement begins.

Melissa Barrera Fired was fired from Scream

Melissa Barrera, Scream VII, USA, Mexico, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

The company’s statement further elaborates on their stance, condemning «including false references to genocide, ethnic cleansing, distortion of the Holocaust, or anything that flagrantly crosses the line into hate speech.»

Previously, the actress had posted on Instagram that Gaza «is currently being treated like a concentration camp. »

«Cornering everyone, with nowhere to go, without electricity or water… People have learned nothing from our stories,» Barrera commented on her social media.

Her post went on to say, «And just like our stories, people continue to watch silently as it all happens. THIS IS GENOCIDE AND ETHNIC CLEANSING.»

Goodbye to her role in Scream VII

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PHOTO: Getty Images

The latest post by Mexican actress Melissa Barrera is part of numerous messages she has shared in recent weeks, as reported by the EFE news agency.

Barrera portrayed Samantha Carpenter, a main character in the latest ‘Scream’ series, with its sixth installment released in 2022, earning almost $170 million at the international box office.

Production on ‘Scream VII’ has been delayed and has yet to begin, due in part to the recent Hollywood industry strikes.

Christopher Landon, the director of the upcoming film, emphasized on the social media platform X — the successor to Twitter — that Barrera’s dismissal was not his ‘decision.'»

The actress has not commented on the matter

opinion, comments, war, accusations, Melissa
Melissa Barrera PHOTO: Mezcalent

«This is my statement: Everything sucks. Stop screaming. (…) That was not my decision,» Landon wrote in reference to the controversy.

Paramount, which has distributed the latest ‘Scream’ installments, is expected to do so again, as EFE reports.

As of the time this article was written, Barrera has not commented on her dismissal via her social networks.

However, she continues to share content on her Instagram profile that is engaged with calls to end the current war.

Divided opinions

Scream VII, terror, movie, screams, scare
Melissa Barrera PHOTO: Shutterstock

Social media has seen mixed reactions to the production company’s decision, with some users supporting it while others stand by the actress.

Some argue that her comments were taken out of context or that her personal opinions should not affect her professional engagements.

The controversy underscores the significant responsibility public figures carry regarding their words and actions, especially in today’s world where social networks amplify every voice.»

This revision aims to clarify the subjects and arguments presented and to emphasize the broader implications of the controversy.

Freedom of speech carries responsibilities

actress, Mexico, artist, theater, novels
Melissa Barrera PHOTO: Mezcalent

Production companies and movie studios are increasingly vigilant about the public conduct and statements of celebrities, recognizing the potential for negative impacts on the perception of their projects and the celebrities’ futures within the industry.

It is crucial to acknowledge that while freedom of expression is a fundamental right, it carries with it certain responsibilities, and the repercussions can sometimes be permanent.

The case of Melissa Barrera’s removal from ‘Scream VII’ serves as a stark reminder of the influence of words and the potential consequences that can follow from public statements.»

This version removes duplicated text and presents a concise perspective on the responsibilities that come with free speech, especially for those in the public eye. CLICK HERE to see one of the actress’s publications.

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