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Melania privately calls Donald Trump’s trial ‘a disgrace’

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Melania on Trump's trial (Photo: Shutterstock)
  • Melania on Trump’s trial.
  • She is unhappy with her husband’s legal issues.
  • Will it affect his campaign?

Melania Trump has been known for distancing herself from her husband’s legal problems.

It’s notable that she’s been absent from the courtroom during his criminal trial involving hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Furthermore, she believes that the trial could affect his campaign.

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Melania on Trump’s trial

Trial of Donald Trump, Former President, Stormy Daniels, Campaign, Elections
Photo: The Associated Press

Melania Trump, who is usually very discreet, has allegedly talked to close friends about the trial.

She has reportedly said it amounts to election interference because we’re so close to November.

Melania fears that the trial will reopen certain wounds in their marriage as it will expose Trump’s extramarital relationship with Stormy Daniels.

But let’s remember that the former president has flatly denied on more than one occasion having had an affair with the actress.

Donald Trump’s trial is underway in NY

Couple, Romance, Problems, Positions, Authorities
Photo: Shutterstock

Apparently, when that improper relationship came to light in 2018, Melania angrily left the White House and retreated to her mansion in Florida, according to EFE.

Yesterday the former first lady avoided appearing with her husband at one of his most important events in recent years.

According to those close to her, Melania has said privately on several occasions that what happened is «his problem, not mine.»

In January 2018, Mrs. Trump was infuriated upon learning of reports that her husband had made payments to a porn star.

How Melania Trump is reacting to the trial

melania on trump's trial, donald trump, melania trump, trial, crime
Photo: Shutterstock

Melania Trump has said she was «furious» when she first saw reports of the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Although Melania Trump has not spoken publicly about the situation, several sources suggest that she shares her husband’s opinion that the trial is unfair.

The New York Times noted that she says it’s «a disgrace,» as well as a risk in Trump’s campaign.

A source says that she has expressed her belief that the trial amounts to election interference.

Could Melania be called as a witness?

melania on trump's trial, donald trump, melania trump, trial, crime
Photo: Shutterstock

Judge Juan M. Merchan has stated that Melania Trump could be called as a witness in her husband’s trial, highlighting the couple’s complex relationship.

So far she has defended him publicly during all of his legal battles.

Stephanie Grisham, Mrs. Trump’s former press secretary, highlights the importance of Melania to her husband’s political campaign.

«At the end of the day, she can make or break his candidacy,» she said about Melania’s role.

The impact of the trial on Trump’s campaign

melania on trump's trial, donald trump, melania trump, trial, crime
Photo: Shutterstock

The trial brings up Trump’s past extramarital relationships, such as with former model Karen McDougal.

Despite the tension generated by the trial, the former first lady has shown some public support by accompanying her husband at recent events.

A close source suggested to The New York Times that she could appear more as the campaign progresses.

Melania Trump’s position on her husband’s trial is a combination of private support and selective public appearances.

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