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Medium speaks alien language and people say that she is out of her mind

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  • Mafe Walker is a psychic who claims to be able to speak an unknown language.
  • The hosts who interviewed were surprised.
  • Another psychic says that many people speak this language.

Medium speaks alien language: Mexican television has sometimes proven to have unique, but disturbing, content. Recently, on a Mexican tv show, a medium was interviewed and she claimed to speak an extraterrestrial language. The hosts were surprised.

Mafe Walker gave everyone on social media something to talk about, thanks to her appearance on the morning show Venga la Alegría. Walker’s TikToks, where she speaks the bizarre dialect, have gone viral. FILED FROM: Medium speaks alien language

A unique ability

A unique ability
PHOTO: YouTube

Mafe Walker, a Colombian woman who claims to “speak alien”, appeared on the program Venga la Alegría, causing hundreds of reactions from viewers and creating one of the funniest moments on Mexican television.

The segment was presented by hosts Patricio Borghetti and Roger González, who interviewed Mafe and Agathe Sabine, another woman identified as a medium and Walker’s teacher, who taught her to speak the dialect. FILED FROM: Medium speaks alien language

Mafe Walker was born with the ability

Medium speaks alien language: He was born with that ability
PHOTO: YouTube

In the interview, Mafe stated that she was born with the “gift of being able to communicate in an alien language.” However, it was thanks to Agathe that she was able to fully realize her abilities. The Colombian psychic described her ability as “maximum frequency” waves, which helped her communicate.

“I send it through my vocal waves, it comes from the heart, the mind, it is like curiosity, you have to feel it, it goes straight, I am a communication bridge, between the divine and earth,” Walker said. She then gave a demonstration of the supposed language, encouraged by the hosts of the program. FILED FROM: Medium speaks alien language

The hosts were suprised

Medium speaks alien language: Surprised driver
PHOTO: YouTube

Walker went viral on social media, which is why she was invited to the morning show to be interviewed and give demonstration of this language. Patricio Borghetti could not hide how surprised he was when he heard Mafe speak the language.

In addition, she often shares the ability she possesses on Instagram and TikTok because, according to her it is a “galactic portal” to help people “vibrate high”. She has received dozens of comments from people who say she’s crazy. CLICK HERE TO SEE FULL VIDEO

Does she needs a psychiatrist?

Do you need a psychiatrist?
PHOTO: YouTube

It was a strange moment in the show when Mafe demonstrated her strange ability to speak an alien language. Although some people have accused her of just wanting fame and faking it, other people believe that she is possessed by it or that she is crazy.

“Poor women, I hope she get psychiatric help.” “What situations does a person have to go through for her to have been made to do this kind of thing?” “Just look at her, that’s not normal, she’s not crazy. It is not normal for a human to do that.” FILED FROM: Medium speaks alien language

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