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McDonald’s employee shoots customers over self-service complaint

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McDonald's shooting (Photo: Lakeland Police Department)
  • McDonald’s Employee Started a Shooting
  • ‘Snaps’ and Fires at Customer
  • Shocking Incident Over Wrong Order

Panic and chaos erupted at a McDonald’s in Lakeland after an employee pulled out a firearm and shot at a customer who was complaining about an allegedly incorrect order through the drive-thru, authorities reported.

The altercation between the customer and 22-year-old Chassidy Gardner began around 1:00 AM.

The incident unfolded at the fast-food establishment’s drive-thru window located on East Memorial Boulevard in Polk County, Florida.

McDonald’s Employee Reacts Violently

McDonald's shooting, meal offer, five dollars, sales slowdown, MundoNOW
McDonald’s shooting – Photo: Shutterstock

«Customers felt their order was incorrect. The employee argued with the customers through the service window and threw a drink at them as they attempted to leave,» stated the Lakeland Police Department.

Security cameras at McDonald’s captured the entire early morning incident on June 14, allowing officers to detail what occurred.

Two of the customers exited their vehicle, opened the window, took some cups and utensils from the store, and threw them at the employees.

This is shown in two videos released on Facebook by the Lakeland police.

Did the Employee Act Improperly?

employee, McDonald's, store, shots, shooting
Photo: Lakeland Police Department

In the footage, the worker is seen pacing back and forth with what appears to be a firearm.

Eventually, she decided to leave the premises of the McDonald’s restaurant and approach the car in which the customers were traveling.

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«Gardner armed herself with a gun… While still outside, Gardner fired her weapon as the vehicle was leaving the parking lot, hitting the vehicle at least once,» the police reported.

When officers arrived at the scene, they took control of the employee and her gun.

The official report does not specify whether the weapon belonged to the worker or was property of the restaurant.

Gardner was booked into the Polk County Jail.

She is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

No bail has been set for this McDonald’s shooting case yet.

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