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Baltimore bridge collapse victim’s brother talks about his sacrifice

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Maynor Suazo's brother talks about the bridge collapse (Photo: The Associated Press)
  • Maynor Suazo’s brother speaks out.
  • He talks about his brother’s sacrifice.
  • Six people are still missing after the bridge collapse.

Martín Suazo, brother of Maynor Yassir Suazo Sandoval, one of the Honduran victims of the Baltimore collapse, talk the anguish that overwhelms his family.

In an exclusive interview, Martín expressed his deep concern about the uncertainty surrounding his brother’s fate.

In addition, he highlighted the need for a continuous effort by the authorities and the community to find the missing.

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Maynor Suazo came to the U.S. to look for work

Hispanic workers killed Baltimore, Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore, boat crash Baltimore, MundoNOW
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The workers missing after the Baltimore bridge collapse, including a Honduran entrepreneur, came from Mexico or Central America.

According to his family, Maynor Suazo had started a package delivery business but the pandemic forced him to find other work.

The tragedy affects families and communities, highlighting the risks faced by migrant workers in search of opportunity.

Uncertainty has prompted calls to improve working and safety conditions for all workers, regardless of their origin.

Suazo Maynor’s death is confirmed

Hispanic, family, hope, Martín Suazo, mundonow
PHOTO: The Associated Press

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras confirmed that Maynor Suazo died after a cargo ship ran into the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore.

The Honduran community is plunged into grief upon receiving this devastating information.

Through an official statement, the authorities offered their condolences to the Suazo family and promised to provide all the necessary support at this difficult time.

The incident has generated deep sorrow in the migrant community and has revived concern for the safety of those seeking a better life in foreign lands.

Maynor Suazo’s brother speaks out

Maynor Suazo's brother, baltimore bridge collapse, honduras, migrant
PHOTO: Shutterstock – MundoNOW Archive

“We found out from other coworkers at the company, they told us that my brother was in the center of the bridge,” said Martín Suazo.

He added brother’s other colleagues, who were at one end of the bridge were saved.

Maynor worked at night, according to his brother, since he had not been working for the company for very long.

“He had only been in that company for a year and he had to adapt to the schedule that the company deemed convenient,” he added.

Maynor was the pillar of his family

Maynor Suazo's brother, baltimore bridge collapse, honduras, migrant
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Maynor Suazo’s brother continued: “He was the fundamental pillar, the bastion so that other members of the family could also travel there and later get visas and everything.”

“He was really the driving force so that most of the family could travel.” Maynor has a wife and two children, ages 17 and 5.

Martín Suazo Sandoval said that his brother never spoke of being afraid of the job, despite the height at which he worked on the bridges.

«He always told us that you had to triple your effort to get ahead,” said Martin Suazo.

Maynor Suazo’s brother held out hope

Maynor Suazo's brother, baltimore bridge collapse, honduras, migrant
PHOTO: The Associated Press

Although several hours had passed without information about the four Hispanic workers who remain missing, his family continued to hope to find him alive.

“We are positivists and the best news is that he is alive, but we also have to be aware of the real situation,” said Maynor Suazo’s brother.

The Associated Press reported that authorities suspended the underwater search after finding two bodies following the bridge collapse in Baltimore.

The Police Chief explained that divers cannot operate safely due to bad weather and a large amount of debris.

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