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Mayeli Alonso reveals her pregnancy and they warn her about what will happen

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Mayeli Alonso is pregnant (Photo: Instagram @mayelialonso/Mezcalent
  • Mayeli Alonso shows off her pregnancy.
  • People assure her that «Lupillo is going to die» when he finds out.
  • The influencer is expecting a baby with Andy Ruiz.

LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Mayeli Alonso proudly showcased her pregnancy with tender photographs on social media and revealed that she’s on an ‘important’ quest.

However, through comments on the post, internet users brought up her ex-husband, Lupillo Rivera, because he is unaware of her pregnancy, and «they think he’ll die» when he finds out.

Nevertheless, the influencer didn’t hesitate to share the joy of this new baby with her partner, Andy Ruiz, in early March.

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Mayeli Alonso presumes pregnancy, social networks, influencer, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

In the fast-paced world of social media, every post by public figures can stir up a whirlwind of comments and reactions.

This time, Mayeli Alonso, a renowned influencer, has shared the news of her pregnancy with tender photographs that have sparked a wave of emotions among her followers.

With four snapshots, the entrepreneur showcased her baby bump in a daring orange dress with a neckline between her bust and her belly.

«Today is a day full of good things. Enjoy each day of your life because time does not come back, value your essence, be yourself, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Think strong,» she added.

Are they afraid for Lupillo Rivera?

photographs, controversy, Lupillo Rivera, Andy Ruiz, ex-husband, motherhood, controversy, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Mezcalent

However, this joy has been overshadowed by a significant controversy that has put Mayeli Alonso’s ex-husband, the famous singer Lupillo Rivera, in the spotlight.

This news, which should be a cause for celebration, has generated an unexpected uproar due to Lupillo’s absence during this crucial moment in his ex-wife’s life due to his involvement in LCDLF.

«He’s going to die on us, Lupillo,» «Now that Lupillo started confessing that he still feels love for her, it’s too late,» social media users responded.

«You don’t take care of the children you have with Lupillo who live with him, and you’re still going to have another one,» internet users declared on the Instagram post.

Mayeli Alonso happier than ever

 interpersonal relationships, intimacy, privacy, love, happiness, drama, singer, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Instagram

Aware of the stir her announcement has caused, Alonso has decided to confront the controversy with bravery and sincerity, openly sharing her happiness.

Therefore, her followers didn’t hesitate to make it clear how ‘special’ she looks in this new stage of her life, where she appears radiant.

«You look absolutely gorgeous, the color of the dress suits you so well, today your energy is marvelous, it’s visible, it’s felt, and you radiate it, today you shine,» they assured her.

«I believe that this baby will be a better version of you, an authentic woman who has a life lesson ahead to show to this new baby,» they emphasized.

They give her a warning!

personal life, media, reactions, followers, official statement, uncertainty, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Getty Images via MundoNOW Archive

Meanwhile, Mayeli Alonso continues her journey towards motherhood with optimism and determination. TO SEE PHOTOS CLICK HERE.

However, her followers didn’t hesitate to remind her of Andy Ruiz’s ‘dark’ past and highlighted that he ‘abandoned’ his other partners when he had children in a past post.

«And now you will start to feel that everything is yours, but remember that the guy has 4 more children,» «Make sure the car is in his name, Comarita. She already sees that he left the mother of her children with nothing.»

«You fell so low only for money, that’s why the people of Chihuahua can’t stand you.» «He’s going to sue you after he’s born for money,» they warned her.

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