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Confirming suspicions? Mayeli Alonso and Andy Ruiz appear together amid cheating rumors (VIDEO)

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  • Andy Ruiz’s wife accused him of cheating with Mayeli Alonso.
  • Mayeli Alonso and Andy Ruiz appear together.
  • Are they confirming suspicions?

Mayeli Alonso and Andy Ruiz appear together amid cheating rumors. Are they confirming suspicions? Much has been said about Lupillo Rivera’s ex giving herself a second chance at love. However, who she may be seeing has people talking.

After accusations that Mayeli Alonso and Andy Ruiz are having an affair, his wife has even spoken out about the situation. Now, after denying a romance, the appeared together.

Mayeli Alonso and Andy Ruiz appear amid cheating rumors

Mayeli Alonso and Andy Ruiz appear together at the airport in the midst of an infidelity scandal
PHOTO Instagram

Amid cheating rumors, Mayeli and Andy are caught on camera together. Are they confirming suspicions?

The pair was seen arriving at the Mexico City Airport. There were also rumors that the businesswoman and the boxer were seen walking through the streets of San Miguel de Allende. As much as they tried to avoid the media, they were caught on camera.

The boxer’s wife explodes on social media

Wife of the Mexican boxer explodes in networks after appearance
PHOTO Instagram

Alonso and Ruiz were caught together amid cheating rumors and the boxer’s wife exploded on social media. After photos of the pair at the Mexico City airport came out, the boxer’s wife shared an angry post.

Julie García shared a story on Instagram implying that she had already found out about her husband’s alleged infidelity. «And that’s how easy a family is made from the trash,» she wrote on the post along with a photograph of her family.

It was not the first time that Andy Ruiz’s wife spoke of the alleged affair

Julie García had already exposed the businesswoman on social networks
PHOTO Instagram

Previously, Andy Ruiz’s wife blew up online after people began talking about the alleged romance between Mayeli Alonso and her husband. Julie García decided to break her silence by sharing screenshots of conversations with her husband in which he denied the romance.

She added angry text at the top of the screenshot, sharing her feelings about Mayeli Alonso and confirming that the businesswoman has been hanging around with her husband. «Don’t be fooled, I’ve been battling months with this pu… getting into my family.»

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