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What Maribel Guardia told Matilde Obregón about the death of her son

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Maribel Guardia with Matilde Obregón, Maribel Guardia confesses, Death of Julián Figueroa, Julián Figueroa, Mexico / Maribel Guardia con Matilde Obregón, Maribel Guardia confiesa, Muerte de Julián Figueroa, Julián Figueroa, México
Matilde Obregón and Maribel Guardia interview / PHOTO Meznivel
  • Matilde Obregón and Maribel Guardia talk about loss.
  • Both recently lost a child.
  • The painful interview shows their bond.

The lives of Matilde Obregón and Maribel Guardia are intertwined in a bond of grief, strength and mutual support in moments of profound sadness.

A recent interview shared on Matilde’s YouTube channel shows how suffering the loss of their children has united these two women in a bond of understanding and solidarity.

Julian Figueroa, Maribel Guardia’s son, passed away at the age of 27, on April 9, from an acute myocardial infarction and ventricular fibrillation.

Meanwhile, Matilde Obregón’s son, journalist Paco Forastieri Obregón, died at 29 on August 28 after an accident in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Maribel Guardia talks about her son’s death

Maribel Guardia with Matilde Obregón, Maribel Guardia confesses, Death of Julián Figueroa, Julián Figueroa, Mexico
PHOTO Mezcalent

The past remains fresh for Maribel, who emotionally recounted how she received the news of her son Julian’s death.

On that Sunday, as she prepared for a theatrical performance, her husband, Marco Chacón, hid the tragic news from her until after the show, trying to shield her from the devastating blow.

The actress was overwhelmed with pain upon hearing that her beloved son had died.

She revealed that her husband ended up giving her the news of Julian’s death by phone while she was on her way home.

How Maribel reacted to the news of her son’s death

interview, Maribel Guardia, Matilde Obregón, singer, actress
PHOTO Mezcalent

«He says to me, ‘Julian is dead.’ I grabbed the phone, threw it against the glass, started screaming like crazy, miraculously, I didn’t crash,» said Maribel Guardia.

«It was the saddest and most painful thing that happened to me in my life. Imagine, Matilde… my adored child, the love of my life,» she told Matilde Obregón.

The interview between Matilde Obregón and Maribel Guardia revealed how Julian’s death marked a before and after in Maribel’s life.

Despite her initial fear of becoming a mother due to her own childhood, Julian’s birth gave family a new meaning for her.

Matilde Obregón talked about the loss of her son, Paco

Julián Figueroa, Julián Figueroa death, Singer, Mexico, death
PHOTO Mezcalent

Julian Figueroa’s birth represented a new kind of love, healing her loneliness.

Matilde Obregón shared her own painful experience of losing her son, Paco, and how Maribel helped her deal with her grief.

The actress’s visit to say the rosary after Paco’s death was a special moment of connection between both women.

It was marked by an unexpected scent of roses in the room, a sign that gave them a moment of comfort amid their overwhelming sorrow.

Matilde Obregón and Maribel Guardia bond over their grief

celebrities, entertainment, death, mothers, MundoNOW
PHOTO Mezcalent

The conversation between Maribel and Matilde transcended their common pain, demonstrating the strength found in mutual support during difficult times.

Both women, united by the unbreakable bond of loss, found comfort in each other, showing how grief can create solidarity.

The courage with which Matilde Obregón and Maribel Guardia shared their personal stories of loss and resilience becomes a testament to their strength.

Despite the immense pain that binds them, their friendship has been a balm in moments of despair, showing that mutual support can light up the darkest days.

There is strength in vulnerability

celebrities, entertainment, death, mexico, interview
PHOTO Mezcalent

The interview revealed the vulnerability of two strong and successful women after a terrible loss.

It highlighted how shared pain can transform into a bond that transcends adversity.

The death of their children not only united them in suffering but strengthened a bond that will remain a beacon of hope and support throughout their lifes.

To watch the interview click HERE.

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