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Supreme Court rejects appeal after parents lose custody of their transgender teen

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Mary and Jeremy Cox lose custody of trans child (PHOTO: Twitter / Shutterstock)
  • Mary and Jeremy Cox lose custody of transgender teen.
  • The Supreme Court rejects their appeal.
  • The debate over gender identity.

On Monday, March 18, the Supreme Court refused hear a controversial case in Indiana.

Mary and Jeremy Cox, who believe that children should be raised based on their assigned sex at birth, have lost custody of their transgender teen.

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The court rejected their appeal.

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«With increasing frequency, governments run roughshod over parents’ religious beliefs on gender identity…,» lawyers for Mary and Jeremy Cox stated.

«…including removing children from parents, favoring certain beliefs in divorce custody disputes, and preventing adoptions.»

The lawyers for Mary and Jeremy Cox of Anderson, Indiana, said in their appeal to the court that these cases «are sure to proliferate.»

The state said the parents lost custody because of the medical necessity to address the transgender teenager’s severe eating disorder.

The state intervened because they felt the teen was at risk

Mary and Jeremy Cox, news, politics, religion
PHOTO: Twitter

A provision of Indiana law, similar to statutes in almost all states, allows government intervention in some cases.

The state told the court there are «a variety of situations where even well-intentioned parents find themselves unable to prevent serious harm.»

Additionally, Indiana also argued that the custody dispute is no longer relevant because the transgender teen is now an adult.

In a statement following the Supreme Court’s denial, Mary and Jeremy Cox referred to their child as «our son.»

The Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal

Mary and Jeremy Cox, transgender teen, politics, religion, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

«We can’t change the past, but we will continue to fight,» said Mary and Jeremy Cox.

They are referring to changing the laws so that other parents can raise their children without fear of state officials knocking on their doors.

Todd Rokita, Indiana’s attorney general, said he «sympathizes» with the Coxes, citing his work in defending parents’ rights.

«Neither we nor the Indiana courts believe that the State can remove a child because of a parent’s religious beliefs, views about gender identity, or anything of the sort,» Rokita said.

Mary and Jeremy Cox refused to accept their child was transg

transgender teen, abuse, lgbtq, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

This case began in 2021 after the Indiana Department of Child Services received two reports of abuse or neglect.

Both reports were related to the teenager’s transgender identity.

According to court records, one accused the parents of verbally and emotionally abusing their child because they did not accept their gender identity.

After hearings, a judge ordered the teenager to be removed from their custody.

The state withdrew charges of abuse or neglect

eating disorder, news, MundoNOW
PHOTO: Shutterstock

Finally, the state withdrew the accusations of abuse or neglect against the parents, according to USA Today.

It had argued that the transgender teenager’s eating disorder could worsen if the parents regained custody.

The parents were told not to talk about transgenderism with their children outside of therapy sessions.

This was due to the connection between those conversations and the eating disorder.

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