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Driver who crashed into the Swan Boat Club killing 2 siblings in Michigan breaks her silence

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Marshella Chidester speaks about deadly accident (Photo: X / WXYZ)
  • Marshella Chidester breaks her silence.
  • She drove her car into a children’s birthday party.
  • Prosecutors say she was driving under the influence.

A tragedy occurred in Michigan on April 20 that will affect the community for a long time.

A 66-year-old woman crashed into the Swan Boat Club, instantly killing 8-year-old Alanah Phillips and 4-year-old Zayn Phillips.

Days after being released on bail, the driver who caused this fatal accident breaks her silence.

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Marshella Chidester says she is upset about the deadly accident

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Photo: X / WXYZ

Marshella Chidester was driving the car that killed two siblings in Michigan.

In an interview with 7 News Detroit, she said she is disturbed by the incident.

She also says that it was a terrible accident caused by her multiple medical conditions.

«I don’t remember what happened. I can only say that I’ve been praying for everyone that’s been injured,» said Marshella, who lives near the yacht club.

Had she been drinking?

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According to the authorities, Marshella Chidester was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred.

In addition to siblings Alanah and Zayn Phillips, who tragically lost their lives, more than a dozen people were injured.

Marshella is facing multiple charges, such as second-degree murder and operating under the influence causing death. She denies that she was drinking.

«I would never ever do anything intentional — never. I mean, that’s just not me, especially to a boat club that I love so much, and I have family and friends there,» said Chidester.

Marshella Chidester says she believes she had a seizure

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According to WXYZ, Chidester claimed she does not remember anything about the accident because of her neuropathy and heart problems.

«I think I had a seizure. I think when I got in the car, that’s what happened — had the seizure, put my foot on the accelerator and into the building,» she said.

Finally, she revealed that she has a perfect driving record and doesn’t even have a parking ticket.

«I don’t have any kind of DUI or speeding ticket. I was just devastated,» she concluded. She must return to court on June 27 for a preliminary exam.

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