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Sin Broncas con La Bronca: Marriage or free union

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  • Sin Broncas con La Bronca presents a somewhat contentious topic: marriage or free union.
  • Here’s a summary of this episode with a couple of topics that were discussed.
  • Could it be that the idea of marriage is misguided?

In this episode of Sin Broncas con La Bronca, she and her friend Edgar Sotelo discuss a somewhat complex topic: Marriage or free union?

This topic is timely, as it seems that more than ever, many young couples have decided not to tie the knot or simply have a different idea of what a partnership entails.

Either way, in this summary, we’ll talk a bit about what the episode is about so you can get excited or discover if it might be to your liking.

La Bronca and Edgar shared experiences and how they decided to take the plunge into marriage, so here we go.


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Edgar talks about how his relationship was and how his woman, that is, his current wife, gave him an ultimatum. This may sound harsh, but Edgar actually explains why he hadn’t married her before.

He also says he had a different concept of what a partnership is because he felt that, in some way, he had to be at a certain point to be okay with it.

La Bronca also narrates how her relationship was before her partner became her husband. She shares the reason she told him she wanted to get married, and it’s actually funny but lovely.

They discuss misconceptions about marriage, such as it being a safety net, which isn’t the case, as according to them, it’s not about commitment.

Before the Altar

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They talk about the idea of having preparation, but not necessarily for the altar, but to improve a relationship with a loved one.

Edgar shares an experience that surprised him a lot and helped him to be better with his wife.

He mentions that, although it may seem crazy, sometimes asking oneself how one can be a better partner before it’s needed made a difference.

They discuss some situations they believe have caused them to grow both personally and mentally.

Something Happens When You Get Married

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La Bronca, who already lived with her current partner before tying the knot, comments that she feels their dynamic didn’t change when they reached the altar.

But she feels that there is something she can’t explain that happened once they became the union they are today.

She says that God’s blessing has something that makes her feel different, as they remain the same, there is a sense of something sacred now.

Edgar agrees with La Bronca’s words and decided to share something more to contribute to that aspect.

Intimate Experiences

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Everyone was taken aback when Edgar shared a detail related to his privacy and beliefs.

But he is very honest about his perspective on how pre-marriage or relationship relationships can impact.

He asks why society has in mind that if a man respects a woman, it means he is rejecting her.

For him, respecting the other person means seeing her as more than just a piece of meat, seeing her as a being to respect is synonymous with something important indeed.

Marriage or free union?

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This is just a small part of what these two were discussing during this episode of Sin Broncas con La Bronca, as we’re not going to spoil the ending for you.

Does everything end when you get married? Are there no more dates? Is it not what one expected? Why is there no effort anymore?

Does marriage end that magic? Have you ever felt that your partner has let themselves go a bit?

These and a few extra questions are debated in this episode. Now you know, let La Bronca and her guests brighten your day with their antics and also with a bit of healthy controversy. Until next time!

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